Maximum numbers of views available on YouTube

max youtube views available

Today we’re going to talk about views on YouTube. So, the main question of the video is what is the highest number of views YouTube can count?

On a single video if you’re a relatively small Channel you’ll probably be happy to get a thousand views maybe even a couple of thousands of views on a video. Post more successful channels can hope for tens of thousands possibly even hundreds of thousands of views for the right video in the right moment.

YouTube giants like PewDiePie, Vsauce, Game Theorists and others are known for generating several millions of views with a single video but only a handful of videos on this platform have managed to enter the famous billion club.

As of now, that’s pretty much the roof when it comes to views on YouTube but what we’re interested in is the number of views you would have to get on a single video before the YouTube view counter would basically break.

Now for those of you less patient we’ll skip the small talk. It’s this number so if you’re here just for that piece of information, carefully read the exact number that is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

As for the rest of you here are some rather interesting facts about this gigantic number when talking about video views YouTube can be divided into two eras before Gangnam Style and after Gangnam Style. As you may know Gangnam Style by the South Korean musician “PSY” was the first YouTube video to ever reach 1 billion views whichhappened on December the 21st 2012.

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The success of the song had such a huge impact at YouTube representatives. They made a Google+ post in which they stated how the platform’s own view counter have to be upgraded just because of it according to the same post before Gangnam Style YouTube video counted views using a 32-bit integer which guaranteed a maximum of 2 billion 147 million four hundred and eighty three thousand 647 views.

Because of the success the song they had to upgrade the count meter to a 64-bit integer that allows a number of views that takes effort just to say 9 Quintilian 223 quadrillion 307 two trillion 36 billion 854 million 776 acquaint come.

YouTube generates around four billion nine hundred and fifty million views per day.

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