Photo Search Process: How to get Best Images for a Website

Photo Search Process; How to get Best Images for A website

Content creation is not limited to text content. It is so much more than that. There are images that are added in the content. You have to ensure that videos are provided when required and external links that carry the users to other websites for further information. This is all part of the content creation process. Images add a lot to what text has to say in a blog post. Therefore, the content must carry the most relevant images when required. Here is how you can select the best images for a website.

Add images only when necessary

I think this is not said enough. Images can’t be added everywhere. They should be added so that they include more in the story of what the text has to say and not overpower the text itself. Images may be added for humorous effect on an entertainment website. Images may be added to give visual aid in a news website. It all depends on the context. However, a general rule of thumb would be to use a picture after each paragraph in the content. But also remember that your paragraphs should not be very long. They get verbose in that context. Your paragraphs should be about 100 words. That is ideal the idea word limit in paragraphs. It’s always valuable to add unique images in the content. You can check the uniqueness of an image here;

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Use only relevant keywords when making a web search

Images can be used to give different effects in a blog post. In an entertainment post, the following image can share a sarcastic reaction. In a blog post discussing volcanoes and their shapes, an image sharing various shapes of volcanoes can be used. Both the images can’t be found without making a relevant Google search. You must use the right keywords to find the right images. In a blog post where I need to add images of a sad cat, I can’t just use the keyword cat to make a Google search. This will show me all sorts of cats. What I need to do is to add the sad to give the search engines further context of what I am looking for in the search results.

Use reverse image search

Reverse image search is one of the latest tools in the market. It is introduced by Google. Just like the term indicates, it allows you to make a search that is in reverse to the process of conventional searches. If you have an image saved on your PC and you want to find images similar to that image, you can use reverse image search. In a typical search, you would use the search bar to type words that will find your images. Here, you can use images to find similar images. This tool can come in very handy if you want to find great images for your website. Often times you have images saved on your computer or someone picks it up from social media but there is no way of knowing where the image came from or if there are any better images similar to the one you have. In this case, you can use reverse image search to find desired results.

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Add proper credits

Remember that Google is a search engine. It helps you find relevant content on the internet but it does not give you the rights to copying that content. Working on a website, you may encounter a similar situation where you are using images from another website. You would not have copyrights to that image. This is plagiarism which can lead to a lot more trouble in the future. In this case, you must give proper credits to the website you are taking the image from. If they don’t want you using their images, they will inform you and you must bring it down. Without credits, you are basically asking Google to lower your search engine rankings.

Create some of your own

There is nothing like an image of your own. What this means is that no Google search can understand your image requirement better than you yourself. If you own a website, you can perhaps get a graphics designer. But hiring graphics designers may be a little extra. If you don’t have a big website that generates great revenue, you can use alternative methods. As someone who has no experience in graphics design whatsoever, you can use websites that allow you to combine various images from Google and make a new one of your own. Or you could learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and more.

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