25 Powerful Websites that can replace Desktop Software

Powerful Websites which can Desktop Software

On today’s modern browsers you can now run alternatives to PC software with no longer need to download software to your computer that uses up hard drive space to perform every task. and because As they’re web-based these useful alternatives will work on just about every operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Today, I’ll show you 10 powerful websites that do an amazing job of replacing your PC software.

Google Drive Suite

This office suite from Google offers free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

These alternatives are not as fully featured but will be enough for the average user and the collaboration features are really good.

Google’s alternative to Microsoft Word is Google Docs, for Excel, it is Google Sheets and for a PowerPoint, it’s called Google Slides.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office, then Google Drive Suite just may be what you’re looking for.

PDF escape

If you’re looking for an online alternative to Adobe Acrobat to create and edit PDF documents, PDFescape is a solid choice.

The features included are the free PDF Editor, Reader, form filler, perform designer, and annotation tools. The user interface is very user-friendly.

PDFescape is free but it is ad-supported. If you want to get rid of the ads they do offer plans starting at $2.99 per month.


Pixlr editor offers a few web apps including Pixlr Express which quickly lets you edit any of your
photos. Pixlr-o-Matic which lets you add retro effects to your photos and Pixlr Editor which is a powerful web app that gives you some of the same editing capabilities as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp.

It comes with a wide array of tools and even allows layers when you open the web
app of Pixlr editor. It also provides the option to create a new image which you can choose from your PC, website or even open an image from their library.

Pixlr editor is free and it provides tutorials when you first get started.

Online Convert

Online Convert is a free online file converter that can easily convert any media file that you have on your computer.

It provides an option to work with audio, video, images, documents and others. You can either browse the file from your computer or use the website URL to convert the file. By the way, this does not work with the YouTube.

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If you want to change any of the characteristics of the file, you can also do that with the help of Online-convert. So, the next time when you need to convert a file, simply check out online convert.

Virus Total

Virus Total is a free online site that allows you to scan files and URLs to detect viruses, Trojans, worms and other types of malicious content.

Virus Total is a subsidiary of Google and it uses dozens of antivirus engines and website scanners including those from security firms like Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Symantec and more.

Here’s how it works:

You choose a file from the system or enter the URL of a website and then select scan. They also offers normal scanning software to detect false positives. All in all, Virus Total is a great site to check out and can verify the file or website.


These days it’s extremely important to have strong passwords for the site you visit. A password manager like LastPass can help you with the process.

LastPass manages all of your various logins. It can even create strong randomized passwords to the sites you visit. Your passwords are stored in the cloud encrypted by a master password that only you know.

LastPass is free to use on all of your devices including your PC.


Canva is a free graphic design tool which is used by both non-designers and professionals.

It has drag and drop features and has more than a thousand layout to create amazing presentations. If you’re needing help, it also has a great tutorial section to get you started.

Canva is free but if you need more storage folders and other options it is available at $12.95 per month.

On Shape

On Shape is for the product designers out there. On shape is a computer-aided design software system which allows teams to collaborate on a single shared design.

It requires a high learning curve to use it. But thankfully they do include tutorials and videos to get you started. On Shape is free for non-commercial use otherwise it costs $125 per month.

Microsoft Office (Online)

Microsoft Office Online is very good as they’ve increased the number of applications that are available.

All that is lacking some of the advanced features found in the MS Office PC. But, it’s no big deal because Microsoft Office Online is completely free. So, if you prefer the layout with the familiar ribbon at the top and Microsoft Office Online is a great website as compared to PC software.


If you give presentations, SlideDog is for you.

Slide dog is a media player specially designed for giving presentations. You can create playlists of media that seamlessly play together, so, you don’t have to switch between different programs during a presentation.

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It supports various file types including PowerPoint, PDF, Image, Video files and more.

You can use Slide Dog for free but with an interesting limitation. you can use it as much as you want but the pro features are only available in 15-minute intervals. To completely unlock SlideDog, plans start at $8.33 per month.


If you’re familiar with Pixlr, iPiccy is another cool image editing site. iPiccy contains a photo editor with more than 100 photo effects, a collage maker with four different styles of layouts and at least twelve different choices per layouts.

It is a graphic design alternative to Photoshop or Gimp – the online tool. It is completely free but do contain ads.


Silex is a free and open source website builder you can actually create websites directly in the browser without having to write any code.

Although you don’t have to write any code, it is best to check out some tutorials to get familiar with it.

It also allows for collaboration by using the sharing capabilities within Dropbox Free and creative common templates are available on GitHub and paid templates are available too.

When you launch the web app, you are presented with blank layouts or you can choose from the community templates to get started. So if you don’t know how to write code and you want to create a website without any constraints check out.


If you’ve ever used the sketch, I would recommend giving Figma a try.

It’s an interface design tool which allows for collaboration with the user interface components. The layout grids feature to give you more control for each section and you can reuse elements across your designs.

Figma is free for two editors usage while larger teams plans start at $12 per month.


Weebly is a web hosting service which features a drag-and-drop website builder.

The great thing about the website builder is you don’t need to learn how to code. You can even sell your own products online and they have mobile apps so you can track your performance for websites.

Weebly offers free and paid versions for online stores. The pricing plans start at $8 per month.


Powtoon is an animation software that allows users to create animated presentations. You can create videos by using pre-created objects, imported images, provided music and user-created voice overs.

The premade templates make it easy to create powerful presentations. Powtoon offers a limited free version to get you started. If you want more options to have plans starting at $19 per month.

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Trello is an outstanding project management tool.

Trello uses visual boards to keep you organized. It also works great in team environments to provide all the information about projects.

When you first sign up, they provide a welcome board which will help you out to get started.

For most individuals, all you’ll need is the free version and for businesses purpose, the pricing plans start at $9.99 per month.


If you’re looking for a web-based video editor, WeVideo is a solid choice. It’s easy to use and supports up to 600 formats of audio, video, and images.

You can create a new clip or import media files directly. It also offers a drag and drop option. If you’re interested in a WeVideo, they do have tutorials on their site to get you more familiar with using it

The free version has limitations. For more options including better video resolution, they do offer pay plans as well one cool feature with all of the plans. You can pause a project and resume it everywhere including on their iOS and Android app.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music service that is not much popular.

With google play music you can upload up to 50,000 songs from your computer into the cloud and listen to your music anywhere including your web browser. This eliminates your need to download a separate media player just to listen to your music.

The best thing about it is completely free of charge. They do offer paid streaming service like Spotify or Apple music but it’s not needed. You can upload the music and can listen anywhere with Google play music.


If you’re looking for a new presentation software that is better than PowerPoint, check out Prezi.

No slides are used in Prezi, instead, you can work with one large canvas which allows you to pan and zoom along the campus.

You can create your presentation with the help of a large library of templates. It requires a slight learning curve but Prezi has an extensive knowledge base to get you started.

Prezi has a few payment options with different features including a free option. So, if you’re still using PowerPoint or something similar and you’re ready for a change, give Prezi a try.


Mint is a great site to use which offers personal finance tools.

Without the need to install resource hogging software, Mint is free to use and owned by Intuit. The same company that owns TurboTax.

Mint is great for syncing with all of your bank accounts to help with your budget and keep track of your spending. You can also track your investments and check your credit score.

Final Words

If it was useful for you, let me know in the comments of a powerful website which could be a good replacement of PC software.

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