Top 5 Project Management Tools Every Freelancer Should Try

Whether you work as a writer, a designer or an analyst, freelancing can be tiresome work. Studies show that working from home can improve performance by up to 13%. This prospect (among others) is a good indicator of why so many people consider this their career choice.

However, freelancers are often in charge of more than what their job descriptions say. They frequently manage their own books, keep in touch with colleagues and clients and work on current projects – all at the same time.

This can cause exhaustion, confusion and sometimes even a loss of data. Project management tools and specialized freelancer platforms can amend for that however. Let’s take a look at several management tools which should be on every freelancer’s radar going forward.

1. Trello



Freelancers are often tasked with working in teams. This can be difficult due to the nature of their work. Freelancers scatter across the globe and the only thing that connects them is their work. Also, while many freelancers rely on services such as Rated by Students and Grammarly to format and edit their work, most use local storage units which are prone to failure. Trello is a project and team management platform perfectly suited for the occasion.

It allows individuals and teams to manage their projects for higher performance. Freelancers can easily segment, delegate and collaborate on common tasks in order to meet their deadlines. It allows for a plethora of marketing and creative options as well, which makes Trello the perfect platform for those without a project management tool.


2. Podio


When it comes to freelancing, very few platforms come close to Podio. The platform has collaboration and file sharing in mind, which ensures maximum creative freedom and productivity. Podio’s interface centers on feedback-oriented teamwork as its primary driving force. This methodology allows clients and freelancers to work together and create more quality work in shorter timeframes.

Podio is also a great platform for team management, job delegation and cloud storage. It can be a good idea to combine Podio with a writing service such as All Top Reviews or Evernote in order to work with multiple professional writers at once. Make sure to check Podio out if you are working in a larger group of freelancers or have a lot of clients to manage at once.


  • Low price point
  • Plethora of collaboration options
  • Numerous widgets and plugins
  • Project management automation


  • Simplified UI
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Price-locked management options


3. Pipefy


As the name would suggest, Pipefy offers numerous options for pipeline management in freelance projects. No matter what type of content you work on, chances are that you communicate with your clients often. This can make a tool such as Pipefy essential to everyday workflow.

The platform boasts a large number of automation option focused on feedback, communication, cloud synchronization and cross-platform use among others. It can be quite handy no matter where you are currently, which ensures that you are readily available for any comments or concerns that may come from your clients. The platform’s slick interface design and fast load times solidify Pipefy as a go-to platform for beginner and professional freelancers alike.


4. Red Booth


One of the most infamous banes of freelancing is the risk of procrastination. Every freelancer is guilty of procrastinating at some point during the day. Enter Red Booth and its equivalent project management platforms. The tool fully integrates into your browser to ensure that you stay on track no matter what goes on during your work hours.

The simplistic and unobtrusive user interface can make sure that you are always aware of the current goal. It can even send you notifications, deadline warnings and other reminders pertaining to your project. Red Booth offers a number of project management, workflow and project segmentation options as well. You can easily combine it with a writing testimonials base such as Top Writers Review  and an editing service like Hemingway to ensure the high quality of your final work. While it won’t stop you from standing up and making another sandwich, it will keep you focused long enough to finish your work on time.


5. Wrike


Lastly, Wrike is a project management platform with a focus on time-tracking and project segmentation. Many freelancers work based on hourly contracts which can make it difficult to measure time effectively. Worse yet, many clients are apprehensive of the final hour count when the bill arrives. Wrike can effectively nullify those concerns on both sides.

The app can make it very easy to measure your own productivity and expertise in different project departments. Think of it as an elaborate chess match where you play against the deadline instead of an actual human player. Freelancers are able to extract data from Wrike and send it to their clients without the ability to tamper with the counter.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to learn
  • High levels of security


  • High price point
  • Low quality mobile app
  • Selective updates (based on subscription models)

In conclusion

The good thing about being a freelancer is the fact that you can experiment with the tools you use. Make sure to check out different platforms before you settle for the one that works best for you. After all, becoming a freelancer was a leap of faith in itself. Reignite that adventurous spark and try out these amazing project management platforms to fast-track your production and deliver results on time.

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