Samsung Galaxy X to be launched soon in 2018!

The Samsung edge show was cool however one thing much cooler and exciting might be coming very soon. Samsung has been engaged on foldaway displays for a number of years and therefore the Korean giant may finally be able to showcase its 1st fully flexible(foldable) smartphone in 2018.

The first foldaway phone in the world is soon to be launched from Samsung, that’s the “Samsung Galaxy X”. So allow us to begin, folding phones are near to hit the market. It’s solely a matter of time and it’s trying more and more like Samsung may be the first company to commercially launch one, presumably as soon as this year. We might even recognize what it’s known as with the mysterious Samsung- “Galaxy X”. Galaxy X is that the subject of many flexible leaks of folding patents, and versatile rumors. However whether or not the Galaxy X marks the spot or not is just a matter of official announcement.

So, we are clearly entering a foldable future..oh that’s foldable (bendable) display devices.

 What is a foldable phone?

Samsung foldable phone

A foldable phone is precisely as it sounds, one that either folds inward – sort of a clamshell phone or outward and divulges – a tablet-like a tool once stretched. This is often doable with the use of a bendable instead of the flexible OLED panel. Samsung, Lenovo, and LG have each showed off pliable(foldable) devices displays and at numerous business events and had registered several patents for the technology.

Launch date and Events

Previously referred to as Project Valley, now,  Samsung’s foldable technology has been referred as the Samsung Galaxy X. Bloomberg says “the company plans to announce a foldaway phone beneath its Note brand in 2018 in line with the Korean Herald. The foldable device was disclosed to business leaders at a Behind Closed-door event in January’s 2018 trade extravaganza, that additionally enclosed a launch schedule for the handset.

This device can be named as Galaxy Note X – a fierce contestant on the recently proclaimed iPhone X. The paper claims 2 models were shown:

  • one inward folding device.
  • the outward folding device.
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The latter is represented as an additional advanced next-generation technology. though it is the inward folding Galaxy X that’s expected to be 1stadopted by Samsung on Nov 9th, 2017.

Samsung mobile released a whole host of pictures that seemed to show the Galaxy X. The patent application reveals a variety of renders and illustrates the smartphone’s hinge from a number of angles. Payton’s filed by Samsung has been the sole real clues on the Galaxy X’s ultimate design that we’ve got up to now. A previous patent from Samsung show was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark workplace at the end of Sept 2016 that enclosed diagrams show.

Though, a more recent news comes directly from Samsung’s mobile head and maybe a very little better as he claimed the corporate was aiming for a 2018 launch later this year. Assuming it might overcome certain old issues with the devices according to business sources. Talking to EP news “Samsung plans to start producing its new folding OLED panels in September and prepared to fire up the Galaxy X production line in November”.

Latest Features and Specification

samsung galaxy x

A Clamshell sort of a device resembles a compact folding-out and folding-into a standard rectangular smartphone form. Lightweight polymers launched a brand new circular polarizer for OLED displays to support its layout tropic liquid technology. The new polarizer is claimed to be the world’s thinnest polarizer at solely 45-micrometers.

These layout tropic liquid crystals are water-based and may be coated using business standards coating instrumentality at nearly space temperatures. This allows the corporate to supply these displays at a way lower price compared to the opposite alternatives.

CameraNot Specified
ProcessorSnapdragon 845 or above
FingerprintYes, within the display
Face IDYes
DisplayFull HD
Foldable TechnologyTropic Liquid Crystal OLED
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  • Screen Resolution

The Galaxy X is reported to own a 7.3-inch, 4k OLED display that folds within. Early reports prompt that the device may also go with a stylus, that might line up with comments. It is created by the top of Samsung’s mobile division who says – “the phone would a part of the note lineup instead of its own line. He declared Samsung has the folding smartphone in its roadmap for the note series and is presently operating to resolve the series of hurdles before unveiling it next year”.

  • Processor / Chipset
Speculation abounds that Samsung will create the Galaxy X – the high-end device that would ultimately run on a robust processor just like the future Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, however, Samsung hasn’t confirmed that. A more recent report says that the Galaxy S9 can get this processor.

  • Camera 

Till now, we haven’t heard about camera features and quality yet nor has anyone confirmed whether this foldable phone would come up with the fingerprint.

  • Face ID

Face ID scanning features were found on current Samsung flagships if the reports are true, then the Galaxy Note 9 (Galaxy X) will be the first phone with face recognition(face ID) by Samsung.

  • Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung’s may be able to feature a fingerprint sensor embedded into the screen. It’s safe to assume that, this capability would find its way to the Galaxy X.

Price Tag

Flexible OLED technology is still a new technology in the market and as a result, the all-new Galaxy Note X, a phone is probably going to be costlier than each Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and forthcoming Galaxy S9. Since the Galaxy Note 8 is priced at around $950, the galaxy X might simply be costlier than the iPhone X’s eye-watering $1200 tag.

So what do you think of Samsung’s foldable phone design, would you buy it or not liked it. You can feel free to share your ideology.

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