Silent War between Google and Amazon is going on, Customers are being ignored

Amazon and Google


A long-term silent dispute between Google and Amazon is going through, which Google’s decision to block its YouTube video service from Amazon’s Echo Show and from its Fire TV.

In reaction, Amazon chooses to remove google products from its e-commerce site including Chromecast and Google Home.

Amazon has further removed his prime video service for Google Cast users.

Amazon has also quit selling products of subsidiary companies such as nest.


Amazon and Google indulge in Silent War

Amazon and Google have been competing smart Home services from a year almost which includes products like video ecosystems and voice-activated devices.

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According to the techworldnews, “The problem apparently began with a disagreement over Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on its Echo Show devices but has escalated from there, with Google restricting access to its content and Amazon pulling Google products from its site.”


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