Snapchat is going to be vanished soon.!!

snapchat to be vanished soon

I hate to say it but I think we’re actually starting to see the beginning of the end of SnapChat unless they make a completely fundamental change to their platform and it does make me sad because I like SnapChat for a while.

Although it seems like Instagram has just been eating its lunch and it makes a lot more sense to use Instagram not to mention because of the discoverability. It’s a lot easier to find people you want to follow on Instagram and find new content than it is on SnapChat where you have to basically go directly to them but that’s not really the point.

Why is Snapchat dying out?

The reason I think SnapChat is going to fail soon not because they change something that is not necessarily of there design but because they aren’t listening to their customer base I think that’s a bit much bigger red flag than the redesign itself.

Reason 1 :
  • The redesign itself really does suck, they took the stories and kind of mixed it in with the rest of your friends’ list and put friends in your list even if they don’t have a story posted. It doesn’t really make sense.
Reason 2 :
  • They also made an entire tab they’ve moved all that stuff over and made an entire dedicated section full of like garbage. I mean you look at the stuff on there, it’s just complete BuzzFeed nonsense clickbait garbage.
  • I think that’s a big problem but like I said before besides all that, SnapChat is doing nothing for that and people hate it.
  • There was actually a petition, it can give you an idea of how many people care and there were over a million signatures on that petition. So, really people do care about shitty tab.
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Are People not using Snapchat?

I don’t know about you guys but on my personal SnapChat I have gotten a lot fewer views on stories and this seems to be pretty consistent from other people posting and who use it a lot more like big brands. They say that their engagement is way down and that doesn’t surprise me even like Kylie Jenner.

I really have no idea what the whole deal is with that person. She is apparently famous just for being famous but even she was a big user on SnapChat and basically tweeted that she doesn’t even use it anymore.

This apparently caused the prices of SnapChat stock to like plummet like 20% and it’s still down, funny enough, the SnapChat stock did actually go up towards the end of the year because of they announced actual earnings increase and then they released this update and it tanked again. So, completely ruined whatever they got.

Is Instagram better than SnapChat?

snapchat to be vanished soon

Another big problem with SnapChat is they’re just not better than their competitors I mean Instagram is copying them.

Yes, but they’re also doing it in a better way – they’re improving over it, they’re taking their existing user base that actually has discovery and they can actually promote users on like, unlike Snapchat.

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Instagram is basically making it, so people would rather use Instagram and it’s kind of funny because Instagram basically took all of SnapChat and put it into one feature and then does it better. Well, this all really going to kill SnapChat.

You might think all right that’s exaggerating I mean surely there are plenty people who still love Snapchat and I agree that is the case but you got to consider this look a lot of people hate the new Snapchat and there has been a decrease in usage clearly.

There have been reports by lots of people saying, there are professional SnapChatters or Brands which uses them. So yeah you’re gonna keep the hardcore SnapChatters but you’re gonna lose a bunch of the casual users who don’t even watch MyStories anymore and they’re gonna move over to Instagram.

Will it be fruitful for Hardcore Snapchatters?

I think, if everyone has an Instagram and SnapChat, then you’re only going to be left with the hardcore SnapChat users and yeah that’ll last for a little while.

But guess, the social media network is useless if it doesn’t have users and even the hardcore SnapChat users are going to eventually discover that if none of their friends is on SnapChat, then there’s no point in using it and then even the hardcore users are going to drop like flies off the platform.

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So, the fact that SnapChat is ignoring their customer base and doing things that are hated is not going to be good for them, in the long run.

Monetization of the new tab

Now, one thing they probably think is that we need to increase revenue but with all this garbage of dedicated tab. They can monetize it and even increase revenue in the short term but it’s not going to last in the long term if you don’t have users.

Final thoughts

SnapChat can only do the one thing and they are good at it. It’s nice and kind of unique that you can send messages and they disappear and they were the first ones to do that but they didn’t really evolve past where Instagram started with one thing and is constantly adding on to it.

I really do think SnapChat is kind of in trouble at least in the long term because Instagram has been adding hundreds of millions of users whereas SnapChat has been stagnant and recently just dropped like hell.

So yeah, I can’t see the future and I don’t think it’s looking good for SnapChat. The problem is their own fault because they are not listening to what their users and they’re just being arrogant. Snapchat is not willing to cut their losses and they consider that they’ve spent a lot of time and money on.

But really, in the long run, it’d be worth it to just go back and fix what they had before instead of completely changing it.

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