Steps That Can Accelerate SEO Performance

Accelerating SEO performance is a task that can be trying for those lacking patience.

A quality SEO campaign that garners success still has to start from ground zero, requiring at least 12 weeks before tangible results are actually achieved. Although, experienced businesses like SEO Shark can begin to increase organic traffic in as little as seven days.

Once the project is up and running, how can operators try and shortcut the system? Are there insider tricks to leverage?

Well there is no means of tricking Google given the incredible rate of innovation courtesy of artificial intelligence, but there are some strategies which will improve a site’s standing if they are embraced and implemented quickly.

Let us discuss the top techniques to drive search engine optimisation.

Quick SEO Tip 1: Improve Loading Speeds

The most effective means of accelerating SEO performance is to accelerate the loading speed of the site itself. Free diagnostic checks are just a click away as users can access comprehensive reports on what shortcomings are slowing down the pages. By hastening the loading times for individual users, the bounce rate begins to decrease and the search engine will recognise a site that is user-friendly and easy to navigate for all types of participants – particularly the dominant mobile market.

Quick SEO Tip 2: Repurposing Old Content

A great frustration for SEO operators is the need to produce fresh content and create newly written and produced pieces for consumers. Especially for those brands that are trying to balance digital optimisation with other marketing activities, this can be a time consuming activity that becomes harder for individuals to engage with. One method to accelerate performance is to repurpose old content, repackaging a blog interview into a YouTube video, using Instagram pictures for a website photo gallery or transcribing a podcast for a PDF document.

Quick SEO Tip 3: Schema Markup

One of the optimisation steps that runs under the radar is the need to enhance the schema markup. In other words, this is a tactic that extends a flat and basic URL structure to include keywords that illustrates to Google what a page actually includes. For a general sports website, they should write on their curve: ‘sports/baseball/videos’ to correctly categorise the page appropriately. This makes the crawling exercise easier for the search engine and delivers richer results for users wanting to clarify where they are during their navigation experience.

Quick SEO Tip 4: Owning and Indexing Fresh Images

Image searches currently make up one in five Google searches on the web, meaning that many SEO operators are overlooking a sizeable share of the market to drive their performance. If brands can curate their own pictures and index them appropriately featuring the right titles, descriptions, alt-text and meta tags, they will be able to increase their visibility in a niche that is expanding in reach.

Quick SEO Tip 5: Go Local

So many operators in the field of SEO love to think big from day one. This is the equivalent of trying to run before you can walk, reaching for a wider reach without having a foundation to build on. For acceleration to be realised, digital enterprises need to be able to access tangible results and this is where local keywords and signals become key. By including postcodes and suburbs into the marketing strategy, it is easier to dominate a corner of the market and grow from that juncture. 

Quick SEO Tip 6: Include Paid Advertisements

Despite these efforts to drive clicks and traffic for SEO purposes, this long-term strategy has to be balanced for immediate impressions. The only way to achieve this in the online sphere is via paid advertisements across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other industry sources. In 2019 these spots are earning more traction over organic results than in previous years, illustrating how the monetisation requirements for these platforms is taking priority.

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