Surfshark: A VPN which is worth to use [Unbiased Review]

surfshark vpn

In the 21st century, we are in the brink of more technological breakthroughs. The Internet has now become something common, and what we are heading towards is an age of AI-powered technologies, which will definitely be a thing in a decade or two. Today, as internet access is available to anyone, the usage of Virtual Private Network(VPN) has also become common. It is a private network which can be remotely accessed by the user upon connection. It was developed to be used by corporate offices where its employees can access the company’s software and applications. Today, dome VPN networks are used by everyone to access websites banned in their country.

A VPN which can come as a rescue

Today, as most small businesses are also getting modernized, the use of such networks is becoming an increasing need. Now, Surfshark comes into play. It is one of the fastest and one of the most secure Virtual Private Network providers in the whole world. Its VPN services are being used extensively around the world by businesses of all sizes. It provides one of the safest networks, and its speeds are literally unmatchable. But, there are a lot more features into it than just a fast internet connection and high levels of security.

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Features of SurfShark

Surfshark supports protocols such as IKeV2, PPTP, SSTP, and OpenVPN. These protocols are basically the ‘keys’ of your encrypted file which can only be accessed by the person whom you want to give access to. The MultiHop feature gives you a double chain VPN which hides your online activity. Also, this VPN also provides you with IP masking, which slyly keeps your IP address away from others. Zero knowledge DNS lets no server store any of your data. The VPN kill switch ensures that you don’t use the internet without VPN security. They also store no logs, and their VPN is such that it prevents the network from accessing your browsing history. These are some features which a business can die for.

Pricing Plan @ Surfshark

Fortunately, their subscription plans to their VPN services are also very reasonable. Their 1-month plan, which is their smallest plan in terms of duration can be availed at the low cost of $11.95. The other plan which they offer is of 12 months of duration This plan is often available at a discount price. Its original price is $143.40. One can often find this plan at 50% discount, which gets your monthly bill at around $11.95. The third and the last plan is for 24 months. This plan originally costs $286.80, but you can also find it at a discounted price. It also comes with one-month money back guarantee. You can never find such services at these unbelievable prices, and with a one-month money back guarantee.

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Parting Thoughts

To conclude, one must remember that you should know what your requirements are, and you must understand how the technology works and how useful and productive it can be for your business. Also, as far as different VPN providers are concerned, you will see that there is none which is better than Surfshark. It is the best VPN provider which you can find all over the world.

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