Talkspace On The Place of Therapy in Racial Justice

Many people of color are increasingly visiting therapists to seek mental health practitioners who can relate to the joys and trauma of being black in America. On the other hand, Whites are visiting therapists for personal development and having analytical discussions.

The recent killing of George Floyd has left the black community devastated and having to cope with increased police violence. For the White Americans who have not experienced the realities of racism, the recent happenings are new and challenging at the same time. According to Herring, a practicing therapist, most Americans are hurting.

The pain is particularly agonizing for the activists participating in street battles to protest anti-black racism, especially in the United States. Moreover, the utter mental and physical exhaustion has left many traumatized. Most mental professionals acknowledge the fight against racism is a movement that requires exceptional resilience, community healing, and self-care.

Herring advises those involved in the struggle for racial justice to embrace the following;


Among critical things that people of color must embrace during this struggle is rest. While fighting for racial justice may be a personal commitment, the burden of winning the battle against racism should not override emotional wellbeing. It is useless to put your life in the forefront for what you did not begin; it is not your burden to undo racism.

Recognizing trauma

The trauma of racial violence dates back hundreds of years despite being featured in headlines in the past weeks. Realize that many people have yelled about it; unfortunately, their yelling has fallen on deaf ears. Therefore, acknowledging you have been hurt, and it is not your making is critical to the healing process.

Taking offs

Those involved in the anti-black movements need to take breaks for self-care. Thus, they should not be made an everyday activity because exhausted and traumatized people are not able to make the right decisions. Herring says rest is valuable for you, and you should not feel guilty for taking that break.

Being gentle

Self-care and being happy are easy approaches to challenge the seniority and capitalistic mentality of the Whites. Though the struggle is essential, be intentional with what makes you happy because the world will not be gentle with you.

Herring notes that, while the black Americans may have to learn to contend with racism, White Americans experiencing racial violence for the first time may be feeling overwhelmed and traumatized. White people must join the fight against racism because they owe it to the blacks. It is not a favor the whites will be extending; instead, it’s a debt for the material gains they have gained by exploiting the black people.

These happenings associated with counter racism activities are likely to trigger mental illnesses among the populace. Talkspace offers online therapy sessions to persons experiencing mental disturbances such as those caused by the recent violence. Talkspace online therapists provide personalized care at the convenience of their clients. You can contact Talkspace mental health experts for your complete peace of mind.

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