The Best Gadgets Gifts for your Girlfriend 2018

Today, we have compiled the cutest and the most useful devices that will be an excellent gift for any woman. No boring kettles and pots – only smart gadgets for hobbies and such.

1) Smart Garden Assistant

Haven’t seen the sunlight for a long time because all the windowsills are obstructed with flowers? If your wife or colleague loves plants, give her the Xiaomi Smart Flower – a smart assistant in caring for home flowers. This unusual thing is not as simple as it seems: with the help of modern sensors, it analyzes the soil, lighting, and temperature, and then transmits all this data directly to the smartphone. With this gadget, your flower lover will always know what her precious violets or hydrangeas need.

2) Singing Flower Pot

Your partner loves not only plants but music, as well? The Smart Music Flowerpot will be a great gift for her. This singing flower pot is controlled via Bluetooth and is able to not only play your lady’s favorite songs but also arrange a real light show, using the built-in backlight. The gadget is charged via USB, but the connector is securely hidden from the soil, like all the electronics of this smart pot. Blue, white, or pink – this unusual gift can be found in different colors. Be sure to check out for all of your favorite gadget-related news out there!

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3) A Tracker for Workouts

Your lady likes to play sports but still does it without a fitness tracker? It’s time to help her with this and present her with this gadget which will help her analyze the activity of her body, plan workouts, and keep track of how many calories various exercises burn.

This tracker is not only useful but also is a stylish gift that can be worn as a bracelet or wristwatch. Yes, the choice of colors in this gadget is very large – you will definitely find one that will appeal to your lady. Consider the most popular option on the market – a fitness tracker by Xiaomi. Well, if you want to conquer a girlfriend with your generosity, check out gadgets made by Garmin or Samsung.

4) Headphones for Sports

A great gift for any athlete is a wireless headset by Plantronics. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the headphones, your girlfriend will be able to do yoga, fitness, or just jog to the music – the BackBeat FIT 305 headset will sit firmly in her ears and will not fall out.Be sure to check out Casanova Dating for all of your dating needs; trust me – you won’t be disappointed

5) Smartphone with a Surprise

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If you are still afraid to let your loved one outside, give her an iPhone. But not a simple one but a stun gun in the form of an iPhone. Not only this elegant gadget will protect the girl but also give you a pleasant feeling of calm. Still, the robbers will definitely not be happy to steal such a “smartphone.” You can buy this unusual gift in a special store with stun guns.

6) Popcorn Machine

If your girlfriend or wife likes to watch movies while crunching on some popcorn, give her a popcorn machine. I bet she wouldn’t expect such a gift. This is not a trivial multicooker or crepe maker which will be collecting dust in the kitchen.

This popcorn machine not only prepares a delicious snack but also creates the atmosphere of a real cinema right in your home. And the children will love this new purchase you got for their mother. I mean, c’mon, what child doesn’t like popcorn? There are many models and types, so you will have plenty to choose from.

7) Smart Spoon

If you are looking for a gift for an avid cook, pay attention to the electronic spoon-scales with an LCD display. This gadget will be indispensable in the kitchen and will help your girlfriend create the most delightful culinary masterpieces. This measuring spoon will eliminate the need to pour products into a separate container for weighing: it remembers how many ingredients have already been weighed and helps follow the recipe with precise accuracy. Such a gadget is inexpensive and looks stylish, and it is very easy to find the best deals for it.

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