The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Buying Guide

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At one point of your life you must have thought of bringing into your house a new member in the form of a pet. Some of us are inspired by the undying love for animals while for others they just want to have a ‘Marley’ in their family. But more often than not this dream is deterred because of the cleanliness issue. This is not just the hygiene that we are talking but more often it is the fleeting strands of pet hair which becomes the villain. These hairs have the tendency of flying their way into the kitchen or in places they don’t belong. Moreover, these hairs can be really detrimental for humans, especially for infants as they can create havoc in their respiratory tract and if you have allergies then it can be really dangerous.

But if you have that perfect vacuum for pet hair which works tirelessly to find each and hair from under the carpet to the remote corners of the house then you can breathe a little easy. This is the reason we are here to provide you with a guide which will tell you of all the invaluable features of a good vacuum for pet hair which you should look for while buying the perfect product for your household. So without wasting a moment let us look at the different type of vacuum for pet hair that you will find the market.

What are the types of vacuum cleaners for pet hair?

Pet hair vacuum cleaners come in different varieties. You can choose the most appropriate format depending upon your needs and your requirement to get rid of those annoying pet hair from the smooth floors, the furniture, the carpet and the likes.

1. Upright Vacuum

This is the first type of vacuum cleaner we are going to explore here and is undoubtedly one of the most important among the different pet hair vacuum machines. An upright pet hair vacuum is ideal if you have a lot of carpets at home. This type of a vacuum can efficiently clean up those nasty little corners of the carpeted areas with its strong and powerful suction system. Dog hair of different kinds can dirty the carpets and give it a used and worn out appearance. The upright pet hair vacuum can be used for cleaning up carpets as well as hard floors.

There are 2 kinds of vacuum cleaners that come with the upright characteristics.

2. Bagless upright

This type of a vacuum cleaner is ideal for you if you have more than one pet at home. This situation only means that there will be a thick pile of pet hair around the house every day. A bagless vacuum cleaner has the perfectly strong motor that comes with a lot more power to remove the thick layers of hair that have settled down on carpets. A bagless machine has a typical characteristic of coming without a particular bag compartment making use of power cyclone technology for cleaning. But all the dust is collected in the air chamber within the machine. Sometimes, there are dust cups used for getting rid of thicker piles of dirt from the thick carpets. There are also times when the pet hair gets entangled and gives your house an even more dingy appearance. For situations like this, you would need to turn a brush roll. Only a bagless vacuum machine will have a motor strong enough to deal with this. The one big advantage of this product is the cost effective feature since you do not have to regularly keep changing the dust bags. However, if you are prone to allergies, you might want to be a little cautious here.

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3. Bagged upright

This is the other type of upright vacuum cleaner which is very popularly in use. This one is particularly helpful if you have thick carpets around the house. The main reason why people turn to the bagged variety of the vacuum cleaner is that it is very effective for people who suffer from respiratory allergies. A lot of people are not comfortable to use the air containers making up the bagless variety. The bags used in these pet hair vacuum cleaners make use of HEPA filtration that has the ability to trap the minute particles, the ones that cause allergies. But the disadvantage of this type of a machine lies in the fact that the suction capabilities get reduced once the bag starts getting filled. You have to regularly keep changing the bags thus. This also means that your expenditures go up for the dust bags.

4. Cylinder

This is the second type of pet hair vacuum under question. This has a much smaller stature as compared to its upright counterpart. They are also a much lighter option making it easier to use. These kinds of machines are ideal for smaller homes where there are lesser areas to cover and remove pet hair. The specialty of this kind of a machine is that it can be easily maneuvered around the house without much hassles or effort. Also, owing to its rather small size, you can store it in one corner of the room without it occupying too much space. The flexibility and ease of use of these vacuum cleaners are what attract the users. A combination of high speed brushes makes this machine a very effective one. The use of mini turbo tools to remove the sticky pet hair is also an important factor here.

5. Bagged cylinder

Bagged cylinder pet hair vacuum cleaners have the big advantage of having more space for dust collection. The idea is simple for this variety. There is a dust bag that is fitted inside the cylinder vacuum cleaner. As you keep cleaning the house using the suction power of the machine, the pet hair and other dirt get collected in the bag regularly. These bags will be required to be replaced once they are full. The bags can seal the dust for cleaner disposal.

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6. Bagless cylinder

This is the other type of cylinder pet hair vacuum cleaner. This does not have any bags but come with an air chamber for dust removal. With the help of the powerful cyclone technology, these machines can remove the dirt and the bacteria and allergens from the air are filtered out. The dirt remains trapped in a chamber. People suffering from asthmas and other respiratory disorders prefer to use the bagless variety. Also, the product is environment friendly because you do not have to keep using more and more bags on a regular basis. The absence of bags keeps the suction power of the vacuum cleaner intact without compromising on its performance. This is done with the help of No Loss Of Suction (NLOS) technology which makes use of multi-cyclonic action to keep the machine working at its maximum.

6. Robot vacuum cleaners

This is yet another exciting option for removal of pet hair from your house. This machine comes with heavy power capabilities providing optimal performances. If you are short of time or are suffering from a back ache or joint pain, you could resort to the robotic variety where your labor will be hugely reduced while the machine does most of the work itself. Because of the high power and efficient performance motor, this vacuum cleaner can actually cater to those obstinate pieces of pet hair that make your house look dirty. This is also especially helpful if you suffer from respiratory allergies that can be a big problem if you are dealing with the dust and pet hair here. The filters used in this kind of a vacuum cleaner are very efficient. Apart from the usual ones, some models make use of HEPA filters that make sure that even the smallest of all dust particles and allergens do not get through. This pet hair vacuum cleaner comes with all the positives. But this might be a little steep on the pockets. Thus, you should go for it only if you have a big budget.

Features and considerations to make when getting that vacuum for pet hair

  • The dusting brush

The first thing that you need to look for in your vacuum cleaner is the dusting brush. This brush will be responsible for making sure that the hair whether from dogs, cats or any other pet is accounted for and properly cleaned. This is why you need to do extensive research on the different types of brush that are available in the market to identify the one which will be perfect for your house and your work load. You will see that the dusting brush also differs for cleaning normal floors and hardwood floors, so be a little extra cautious while deciding on them.

  • Which vacuum do you want?
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The reason we are recommending you should decide what type of vacuum cleaner to choose is because you might have preferences for a particular type of cleaner. You have a number of options in the market as far as cleaners are considered including canister, handheld and upright vacuum cleaner with each of them having their own pros and cons. But we have observed that the upright vacuum cleaners are the ones which are more popular among the pet lovers.

  • The versatility of the cleaner

What we mean here is that you need to check out the different options which your vacuum cleaner gives you in terms of cleaning the pet hair. Most of the vacuum cleaner for pet hair will give you multiple position options to clean primarily because of the fact that pet hair can be anywhere. From the surface of the furniture to the most remote corners of the house, hairs can effortlessly hide anywhere. Moreover, here you should also check out whether the vacuum cleaner allows you to adjust it according to the surface which can only be an added advantage for you. In addition to this you can must also verify as to the range of objects this cleaner will work on, for example whether you can use this vacuum cleaner to clean your car or not.

  • With or without cord

Another thing that you need to clarify on is whether you like a cordless or with cord vacuum cleaner. This can really affect the overall cleaning dynamics of the house as far as pet hair is concerned. For starters if you go for the cordless product you should ask as to how much charge will it require and how long can it work at a stretch to understand the cleaner better. But if you are more into the corded ones then the first question that should circle your mind is how far the cord will go. This will tell you how far you can take the cleaner which in turn will tell you whether the cleaner can reach the deep corners without causing any hindrance or not.

  • Other considerations

This is just the tip of the ice berg as there are many smaller features that can play a crucial role in choosing the right vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Firstly the crevice tool whose main job is to suck in all the dirt should be on the top of the list when checking out the vacuum cleaners. Secondly you have to also thoroughly check out the filter and try to find a product which has a washable filter for convenience. Lastly, finding a vacuum cleaner that gives you warranty will always is an advantage to you, so look for one which offers you such features.


Having hair all over the house including your clothes, laptops and everywhere is a sign of pet in the house and it is cute but amidst all these you need to try to keep your home in order and that is why we brought you this unadulterated guide. We have tried to incorporate every possible detail that will assist you in choosing the right product for you. Therefore, it is time for you to choose the vacuum cleaner for pet hair that suits your needs and have a blast with your pet.

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