The direful thing done by OpenAI bot

Artificial Intelligence(AI) beats the best DOTA 2 player in the world!

OpenAI beats Dota 2 player

Meet OpenAI:

It is an AI program which was developed by Elon Musk’s Team. According to Elon, the development of AI ought to be regulated and AI safety should be a major concern of each developer who works on Artificial Intelligence programming and stuffs related to that. To put an extra effort into his plan, Elon Musk started a project termed as OpenAI. The team used DOTA 2 as a check suggests that to develop their AI.

OpenAI beats Dota 2 player

“DOTA is an excellent testbed (testing game) for artificial intelligence; it is a terribly difficult game with an oversized competitive scene.”

OpenAI co-founder and CTO Greg Brockman mentioned in a video explaining the project. “The rules of DOTA are very difficult [that] if you simply think very hard about, how the game works and take a look at to write down those rules down, you are not even getting ready to reach the performance of a reasonable player.”

How OpenAI bot win the game?

Now, the special part is how they trained this AI robot. Musk’s OpenAI researchers  didn’t write any code regarding the principles of DOTA 2 or any strategies that skilled player. They solely gave basic instructions (eg: Winning is sweet, losing is unhealthy, taking harm is bad, giving harm is good, etc) and created the AI robot to play with a replica of itself. In the beginning, the bot made terribly stupid choices. But slowly, it began to learn, devise its own methods, tactics and build novel moves. It took the bot about  2 hours to beat the present DOTA 2 bot and 2 weeks to succeed in the extent of a professional DOTA player!

OpenAI BOT being setup at The International, 2017

Finally, OpenAI places its AI robot to test against several of the world’s prime DOTA 2 players (One-to-One match) and it was absolutely easy for the bot to defeat them. Then came the International 2017 eSport event, one in all the largest eSports event in the world. Here, OpenAI was tested against what folks think about the best DOTA 2 player in the world-Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin. To everyone’s surprise, OpenAI defeated Dendi in an exceedingly solid 2–0 before Dendi gave up!

Now think about this: A computer program(OpenAI bot) was able to learn in a pair of weeks the tactics and techniques that an expert player (human) would usually take years to reach! and then outdo them! The developers later mentioned that the OpenAI bot has a lifetime worth of experience of taking part in DOTA 2 eSport challenge. All this was done at the traditional computational speed that the processors of nowadays possess. It’s been expected that future computers can process speed near that of a human brain(much faster than existing processors).

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Now think about, how quicker the future AI is ready to learn such tasks! This kind of experiment shows us that how quickly AI will evolve in the near future. It may even evolve to the stage of considering its creators weak and eliminate them!

This isn’t a Sci-Fi movie conception anymore! It has already been foreseen by Musk’s team.

This creeps the hell out of me.

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