Pro tips for Internet safety and Web security

tips for internet safety

Tips for Internet safety is to keep your personal and professional information safe on the Web.

The internet is an amazing resourcebut internet users need to recognize how to use it safely and a way to hold their computers secure. But sometime, the internet becomes more  unhealthy rather than being helpful.

So, we got you some tips and tricks to stay safe online and follow the certain guidelines for Internet security :

Cover your Webcam

Cover the camera of your laptop with tape when it is not in use. There are some websites which might be tracking your images with your camera.


tips for internet security

Use high entropy Passwords

Create secure passwords and keep them secret. Password should be at least 11-characters long and include capital letters, small letters, numbers, special characters. Do not rely on obvious substitutions and don’t use dictionary word quite often. One of the most easy tips for internet safety for you.

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tips for internet safety

Use Secured Websites

Browse only those websites which has https on its link. It is the symbol of secured connection Or use the https everywhere plugin to ensure you browse only with https.


tips for internet safety

Don’t give permission to 3rd party Apps

Do not provide all sort of permission to the third party apps. These apps may retrieve data from your device and sell your information.

Don’t install unnecessary and unauthorized app because you don’t know what this app is doing behind the scene. They can be malicious software or malware. So, beware of these tips for internet safety.


tips for internet safety


Do not use browsers like UC Browser. Strictly avoid any type of transaction through it. Also it takes all the permission of your smartphones and shows you ad.


tips for internet safety


VPN is useful if you don’t trust the network you are using or if you are using an unsecured wifi. for example : coffee shop Wi-Fi.


tips for internet safety

Social Media Privacy

Social Media is a virtual world where we update our life event on day to day basis. So, here are few tips for internet safety to keep in mind for Social Media addicts :

  • Try to keep your social media accounts private rather than open to public
  • Don’t respond to inappropriate requests
  • Don’t post offensive comments
  • Never meet in individual with anybody you first “met” on the Social Media
  • Never react to mean or inconsiderate writings, messages and comments


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tips for internet safety

Learn about copyrights

One extra aspect you need to inform your kid is to be careful at the same time as downloading something from internetit could be musicreportphotographmovie or maybe any software. Downloading free musicmovies and software might be tempting, but it is unlawful to pirate material that is underneath copyright.


tips for internet security

Stop visiting random Websites

Stop visiting random sites, they contain various malwares. Usually we got redirected to such websites while watching movie online or some free online videos websites. These websites are the major case for loss of data over Web. So, keep in mind the tips for internet security.


tips for internet safety

Pro tip for Internet safety

Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. They do not track you.


tips for internet safety


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