Top 10 Anime Streaming Websites

best anime streaming websites


Do you prefer watching Animes?

Animes are implausibly far-famed across the globe currently and if you look around the world, you will find lots of people are addicted to watching Animes. If you come to know more about it, you will find it means World movement and it is basically originated from Japanese Cartoon culture during the 19th Century.

Anime refers to the Japanese origin animated productions involving extensive hard drawn or featured computer-generated characters. Characterised by colorful graphics and fancy characters, animes are popular all over the world.

Anime is gaining a huge market across the world because of it high animation quality, graphics and of course, the great content. These films and serials find the audience not only in children but people of all ages. Yes, people of all ages are in awe of animes and adore them.

Watching animes is fun with an ad-free telecast on live streaming websites. All one needs is a good Internet Connection and access to any good anime website.

These Japanese animated and fictitious series find lovers across the globe.

Best Anime Streaming Websites

Here, in this article, we ease your task and narrow your choice to present the top 10 anime streaming websites. Of course, there are numerous other good choices, but here we are shortlisting as per our choice of what are the best.


best anime streaming websites

If you are an extremist anime fan and love to watch anime online then 9anime is an impeccable destination and one of the best anime streaming websites. The eye-catching color of the website, make it amusing.

On this free site, you can watch HD English dubbed anime online with nearly no ads.

Not many sites provide anime dubbing in English, so this makes this site quite popular with native English speakers. Dubbed as well as subbed animes are found here.

Moreover, we can download the anime videos in HD using an app called “Videoder”. Anime serials can be downloaded for free and later can be seen offline without an Internet connection.

9Amine offers almost all the videos in HD and the database of the video is humongous. The various options are available on the homepage’s menu section, where you can easily filter down the line.

According to SimilarWeb, the estimated visitors to the websites are around 18M and the most of the visitors are from USA and India.

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best anime streaming websites

GoGoAnime is one of the best free anime streaming sites. Here you can stream the anime episode in the Japanese language, but with English subtitles provided. The database is well maintained and refreshed regularly. The user interface is quite friendly.

From Manga series to Anime movies, everything is available here.

GoGoAnime also comes with an app “GoGo Anime” which is available on Google Play store as well as iOS AppStore.

The user interface is pretty handy as well as the look and feel too. On the homepage, it offers less but stocky options. One of the best features of GoGoAnime is that it offers App option. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

The options vary as Popular, Movies, Anime List and New Seasons. The contents of this website are totally diversified and huge. It offers all the content in Japanese with the English subtitle. The various server option is also present, in case, the particular server isn’t working.

Well, the stats this website is superb. The number of visitors to the website is almost 48M and it is used around in 170 countries.


best anime streaming websites

KissAnime is a prominent site which enables one to watch any anime in high quality. This anime website provides a lot of option varying from anime series, movies, and other video contents. There quality option available for video streaming ranges from 240p to 1080p.

The KissAnime uploads anime series in a consistent manner and the website is well optimized, so, that videos can be played in low bandwidth. It is a rex of online anime streaming sites and comes with a mammoth in this niche.

According to the stats available on the web, the estimated monthly visitors on KissAnime is around 156.9M and 20% of visitors on the site are from the US.


best anime streaming websites

Soul Anime is another great anime watching sites. The homepage of the website looks awesome and the category snippets are well structured on the page. You can watch Anime online with English subtitles n great video quality.

The two good options available on the websites are:

  • Search Bar – Anime search widget is available on the sidebar for an easy choice.
  • Release Date –  You can choose the date option to check whether all the episode is available for Binge watch or not.

When it comes to stats, this website is growing drastically in terms of the visitors. The average monthly visitor on the site is around 5.3M which is huge for this newly established website and most of the visitors are from USA and Canada.

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best anime streaming websites

This is a free anime site which provides a sorted view of anime serials based on user’s reviews. This is one of the most user-friendly anime site ever providing high quality at all times. The site provides nearly ad-free anime experience.

Embedded video players are available on the site which allows you to watch anime episodes with captions and titles.

The user interface of the website is little fuzzy with lots of series mentioned on the homepage itself. But the content on the websites is so generic, that everyone who loves watching anime, keep visiting the website.

The traffic on the website is huge and it is reaching almost 2 million in the number of unique visitors. The is mostly visited in the United States.


best anime streaming websites

This site has the latest anime serials in its directory. This site is certainly the plethora of Anime.

AnimeFreak boasts of showcasing latest episodes in addition to exclusive anime, which are not usually available on other sites. All this can be seen as absolutely free at this website. Both dubbed as well as original animes are available on this website.

You can also read manga online, which is like a big thing for manga readers.

The layout of the website is quite cartoonish which showcases that it is totally related to Anime. The episodes and series on the website are arranged in listicle format and the website is easily scrollable.

The total number of visitors on the website is almost 11 million and it is quite trendy in the tier 1 countries.


best anime streaming websites

This is a legal anime streaming website. Some of the anime videos can be accessed for free while the rest of the videos can be viewed after subscribing to a premium membership. The website is updated every single hour. Just after one hour, the new anime episodes are aired in Japan, the premium users can access ad-free episodes of same on this website.

One is assured of finding the latest anime episodes here. In addition to latest anime videos, one also has access to manga discussions and more.

The layout of the website is totally professional and eye-catching in a single look. So far, there is no glitch in the website and the users enjoy the HD streaming of the latest episodes of anime.

Crunchyroll is off the mark is the list and total traffic is above 60 million which is record-breaking as compared to other websites which offer online watching of anime.

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best anime streaming websites

This website is always enriched with animes. The content available here is super-rich and the look and feel of the website is enriching.

One can find dubbed amines of the highest quality here and the streaming capability is also up to the mark.

The content on the website is huge and it ranges from latest episodes to the vintage episodes of the series.

AnimeXD is gaining popularity day by day and will soon reach in the list of maximum traffic website.


best anime streaming websites

This certainly has one of the best graphical user interface, which is user-friendly at the same time. Free of popup ads and flying banners, this site provides one of the best experience of watching anime videos online. On this website, English dubbed animes are also found.

Anime on demand can also be requested here by just filling up a form.

Apart from these features, is redirected to a new domain and it is officially announced by them.

The new domain, has gained a huge traffic within a month and raked 1.2 million visitors. Most of the traffic on the website is from European countries and the United States.


best anime streaming websites

Beautifully organized anime series are the specialty of this website. The website offers an ad-free experience. Original as well as subbed series are available and it takes no more than a single click to play the videos. The site is free.

Anime here doesn’t only offer anime series and movies. It also offers manga Series as well as news related to the Anime and Manga.

The website is pretty clean with easy option integration for streaming of anime videos. The website is newly developed and most of the traffic which is coming to the website is organic and it getting famous by maturing its content.

Most of the traffic on the website is from the United States, Philippines, and Canada. The overall traffic on the website counts around 250 thousand per month.

The top 10 list of Anime streaming websites is over but there are still few websites which are worth to be considered in the rundown. These sites are:


Parting Thoughts

The above is some of the best sites to watch anime online. These streaming sites definitely add to and enhance your experience of watching amines online at your leisure anywhere with just your device in hand and a good Internet connection. So just get started with any of these websites and get into the imaginary beautiful world of animes!

If you know any better websites, which I forgot to mention the list. Please let us know in the comment section below.

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