Top 10 Best Free MP3 Downloader Apps for Android (Free mp3 Music)

top 10 mp3 downloader Apps

Everyone listen to music of their choices. There are lots of apps available on the Google Play store which give you access to listen to music online but none of the give direct access to download mp3 to your device memory.

After a great research, I have discovered various apps which give access to play, listen to, and download mp3 music to your device. So that you can listen to song anywhere and anytime you want without the need of Internet.

So, I have got you covered with the rundown of best free mp3 downloader apps available for Android phones which makes listening and downloading music easier –


You can download music for free from Fildo App. All genre of music is available to download and they come down to your device memory. Fildo is one of the best apps to find mp3 which you like and download on your Phone. This mp3 downloader enables you to download any song on the planet in 320kbps quality.

Fildo app also downloads the correct album art for your song. It is not available on Playstore but you can download the Android .apk from given the given link.

Fildo comes with a lot more features, which are shared below:

  • Fildo is an awesome music player despite bad User Interface.
  • The user can enjoy millions of songs either via streaming or downloading.
  • You can download singles, whole album or even discographies with one touch.


When it comes to downloading music on Android, it is quite tough because of Ad popups. But, downloading mp3 songs simply got easier with the help of mp3 downloader- XTunes!

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XTunes gives you access to latest songs from well-liked mp3 varied music sites accessible on the web. XTunes enables you to listen and download mp3 songs promptly on your android device!

  • Simply – Search, listen and transfer songs directly on your device.
  • The simple user interface, no ad popups on the device.


SuperCloud is an mp3 downloader app for Android that permits users to easily download thousands of songs to the memory of the device.

The users of SuperCloud mp3 downloader simply need to enter the name of the Artist(singer/musician), the album, or the song that they are craving for, in the search bar. The Soundcloud app will go through the database and finally, shows a wide range of results, therefore the user will be able to download the song.

Further, it provides various other functionality within the app such as

  • A user can transfer song from one device to another with the use of this app.
  • A user can stream the song within the app.
  •  It automatically updates the original cover photos of the song.

Music Paradise Pro

Well, when it comes to listening music, we have to cover all the factors such as streaming online music, watching and listening to them all in the real time. Now, all the factors are easily covered with the help of Paradise Pro Music downloader App.

Music Paradise uses the copyleft search engine to find music to find songs of your choices. Music Paradise Pro has so many features, so, one must give it a try.

Music Paradise Pro  gives you access to:

  • Thousand of songs of new rising Stars.
  • Listen downloaded mp3 song on other music players.

MP3 Skulls

Mp3 Skulls is a free mp3 downloader app with a quick search box for the enhanced search to listen and download music from the available free websites. A user has to just enter the details of the songs such as Artist name, Song name or Album to fetch the desired result.

There are several other options enclosed within the App which are rundown beneath:

  • Easy mp3 search engine embedded within the app.
  • Preview of music with covers is available.
  • The user can set ringtone of songs within the app
  •  Song lyrics are also available
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TinyTunes is a music app which runs o Android that permits the user to stream as well as download thousands of songs hosted on various different servers, right from your phone device.

TinyTunes works in a simple and effective way, the user only needs to type the name of the creator or song,  and within a seconds result are fetched. So, the user will be able to add songs to the queue or create custom playlists in the device memory.

Besides searching music of your choice, the other options available are:

  • TinyTunes lets the user check trending artist.
  • It also shows an iTunes’ top 100 list as well as the best of a different genre.
  • The downloading speed is quick, it almost takes around 20-30 seconds for a song.
  • Besides all, TinyTunes mp3 downloader is light app.


YTD2 is another great mp3 downloader app available on the web. Instead of going over the Internet through a browser for searching secure websites to download mp3 songs, you can download a song without any glitch with this free Android app called YTD2.

YTD2 is a perfect Android app for music lovers. The user has to just search for the mp3 tags and can easily download the song with the exact covers.

YTD2 don’t just let you download mp3 but other features are also embedded in it :

  • YTD2 is embedded with YouTube, so, there is no glitch in the search section.
  • It also lets you download videos.


iTube is a great app. I personally recommend this app to the users to download mp3 music from this app. iTube comes with great features to download mp3 from the web. It basically uses cache memory from YouTube videos to save mp3 files.

iTube is a free Android app handy as a .apk file on the web. If you use to convert Youtube videos into mp3 files, iTube is the best app available in the market.

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Some other great features of iTube are :

  • iTube can be used to play music in the background while using other apps.
  • iTube downloads mp3 while watching the video which helps as battery saviour and less loading time.
  • ITube is more user-centric as it removes ad before playing the videos.


GTunes Music Downloader is a superb app for downloading any mp3 song that you simply wish. Its use is as straightforward as searching, finding, downloading, and listening songs over any high rated websites such as Wynk Music, Saavn and many more.

The major perk of GTunes is:

  • A preview option is available for songs.
  • GTunes is quite user-friendly app with a simple interface.
  • It is a good alternative for apps available on Play Store such as Invenio Music.

4Shared Music

4Shared Music app is for those music addicted persons who can’t live without listening music. 4shared is created such that user attention will be only towards the music and stuff.

User interaction with the app is quite awesome and favourite tracks can be easily accessed. With the help of search bar, the user can hunt for the music of their choice. 4shared simply produce a list of songs which user can add to their likeable playlist on the basis of their moods.

Other major benefits of 4Shared mp3 downloader are:

  • With 4shared Music, you can enjoy 15GB of memory.
  • It also lets you access music other users have uploaded.
  • 4shared Music also lets you enjoy online streaming as well to download on the device.

These apps are the best apps that might help you to access and download songs online without any mishap. Some of these apps are more awesome than the official apps which are available on Google PlayStore and some are okayish with the performance.

If you find any performance issues with any of the apps mentioned above, feel free to show your response in the comment section.

So, that’s the list guys, I’ll try to keep you updated with more awesome apps available in the market to make your Internet life easier and safe…

Happy music listening……

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