Top 4 Websites for Free Online Course

We can’t over emphasize the importance of education. Whether formal or informal one, it broadens a man’s way of thinking and influences his behaviour in society. The ease of learning has improved much since the advent of internet. Internet now serves as storehouse for information. Different people in different parts of the world source information on the internet.

 In attempts to make information easily accessible to many people at the same time, some websites came up with idea of online courses. Online courses turned out to be great for many people that have the willingness to learn. Presently, we have numerous websites that offer online courses. Majority of them require enrollment fee, but some are absolutely free. In this article, we’ll mention four websites that teaches free courses online. prepared 4 great websites for you to check out:

    1. 1. iTunesU Free courses 

iTunesU free courses are good for learning things on different topics. Users need to download iTunesU application to start a course. Although, the app works only on apple devices, desktop users can also start a course at the top right corner of iTunesU store. Learners have opportunity to search for different learning aids and materials. To make navigation easy, courses are in categories. 

  1. Coursera

Through partnership with some organizations and universities, coursera offers free online courses. It has varieties of courses that one can study. Despite its large number of courses, users won’t have any problem navigating through the database because it’s searchable. To start a course, you only need to search for it using keywords. Courses on coursera are in-depth.

  1. Memrise

Memrise is another online platform for free education. It is available on desktop and in the form of application. Memrise is also compatible with mobile devices. It’s excellent for language studying and other topic varieties. Users can also add some information to the database. Memrise is exciting because it mixes entertainment and games with learning activities which makes learning fun. 

  1. Code

Just as the name implies, code focuses on computer coding and application development. It caters for all learners with diverse level of knowledge. There is a section for kids. Through this section, kids can learn topics on technology, JavaScript, and robotics. The trend in the growth of technology reveals why everyone should learn coding. This website is available to make everyone acquire coding knowledge. Courses on this website have good learning arrangement. This arrangement make each course good for both individual learning and group learning. Most of the courses are perfect for classroom purpose.


  • Conclusion
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In this present age, where we enjoy great advancement in technology, it’s easy to have access to education. If you thirst for knowledge, we suggest that you register for courses on any of the website above. It’s absolutely free and you’ll gain a lot.

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