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Its April, few interesting apps for Android has been launched in the market. Some apps are amazing which are to be must installed on your Android device and few ones are interesting enough to check out.

Well, I have cropped down few best apps for Android which are worth to be downloaded. So, without wasting any time, let’s check out the list:

android apps 2018

Amoled Walls has a hundred sixty dark themed wallpapers to choose from which look great on any AMOLED device. Each one wallpaper is custom-made and hand picked by Ben Andrade. They’re all in 2k resolutions, so, they will look sharp and gorgeous.

My favourite one is rainbow as the colours at the top fit perfectly with my clock widget. By the way, if you want some beautiful black themed wallpapers checkout AMOLED walls.

android app april 2018

Thrive on this list and with this, you can control how long you use your phone. It does this by letting you block all your apps notifications, calls and texts for an amount of time.

Thrice will auto-reply be letting them know that you’re taking time away from your addiction. Not only that but you can also limit the amount of time you use an app and once you reach the time limit you won’t be able to access it until 12:00 AM, the next day.

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So if you’re addicted to your phone and want to set boundaries with technology, try out thrive.

best android apps april 2018

If you’re annoyed with loads of empty folders within your file manager. You are left with uninstalled apps, you can use empty folder cleaner to get rid of them all right away.

It can quickly delete those leftover folders within your internal storage but you will need root if you also want to instantly remove those from your external storage such as the SDcard. Sure, this may not be of use to most people but the select few who hate clutter in their file explorer will appreciate this.

android apps april 2018

Loffee is an excellent app if you’re into low fine music. When I stumbled upon this one I was shocked to hear how relaxing and satisfying these tunes were.

The app has a straightforward interface with music controls categorization and artists info and the wallpapers also fit in perfectly with the type of music that you’re listening to.

It can even play these beats offline, so, internet shouldn’t be an issue. It doesn’t have that many songs but they do add some new ones in on the regular basis with the permission of the artist.

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Check it out if you want some fantastic background music when you’re with your friends.

android apps 2018

For whatever reason, you want a second phone number for free then check out in line. All you need to do is sign up with a free account choose from the selection of US or California numbers and that’s it.

Now you can message or call anyone with the separate number and receive texts or calls. Texting is unlimited as well as calls made to the US or Canada.

You can call internationally but they will charge you depending on the country you choose either way I haven’t had any issues with this app. It works perfectly and if you decide to get the premium version, you can lock-in your phone number, forward phone calls, have voicemail transcriptions and more.

android apps 2018

If you use the official Twitter app, then you probably notice that they removed an awesome feature from the sidebar called highlights and instead put them in your notifications which is a bit harder to find.

If you receive constant activity basically this feature shows you some of the most popular tweets from the people you follow and it was one of the main reasons why I  installed the official Twitter app in the first place instead of a third-party one with highlighter though. You can open it up instantly, just install it and open it.

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Twitter highlights will appear once again on the official Twitter app. It’s a simple app, yeah, a handy one. 🙂

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