Top 5 best Android Apps [June 2018]

android apps june 2018

It’s the time to check out the top Android applications for the month of June. Now, these applications are really unique and you’ll love them once you start using them.


We have phones scheduled and with this app, you can set the timer to call, send messages, play music, change Wi-Fi and phone mode. You can even run any application so those are basically automated.

For example, you just forgot to call or send an important message. Why you forgot to check your important emails in this case with the help of this application. Your phone will automatically remind you of the world and also perform various other functions like showing notifications, playing music, sending SMS, turning on or off Bluetooth, running any application and more.

All you need to do is get into the application and from there you have to tap on set a timer and then choose an action for example if you have chosen run any application, just select the application you want to run and then just set the time and also said you want to repeat it or not and you can even set the priority and once done, you’re all set. The application will automatically run at the time of the day.

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We have the app which doesn’t need any introduction and it’s the google lens. So this is the new app from Google with which you can search what you see.

You can get things done faster and interact with the world, so, there are various things which you can do using the Google Lens. For example, you can look up a dish right from the menu and even see you directions, call a number and more.

Now with the Google lens, you can identify plants and animals like just put your camera in front of a particular plant and find out more about the plant. You can also put the lens in front of any animal and the Google Lens will tell you which breed it is.

You can even identify buildings, for example, you’re in front of an building and just tap on that the Google Lens. It will give you all information about that particular building.

Not only that but Google Lens makes the online shopping much easier. For example, you have seen a very good a t-shirt online and the price is a bit high, it will help you search alternatives. So, it is a super unique app by Google. 🙂


Knappily is a news and knowledge application. It is the first of its kind – daily news, digital magazine and more. Now this is not any ordinary news or knowledge application but this application is really unique. For example, you can find any piece of news and the app just slide it to the left and then you get all details about the news and not only just details over here.

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You can see various categories of news with the point wise information, what is the news, why is the news. when did this thing happen, where did this thing happen, who was the cause of the news and how it is going to affect.

You’ll get answers to all your questions, so that, you get to know one news in details from all sectors not only that is useful. It also makes a news look much more interesting.

Knappily also got a quiz section, it is not only giving you news but it also helps you to increase your general knowledge. So when you have completed an article, you can just try out the quiz to test your knowledge.

Photo Sherlock

Sherlock is really very useful application as you can get information about any photo on the internet. So basically this application can also help you to just point out those fake Facebook accounts, the app provide search by image option from the camera or gallery and can be used to find information about photo on Google.

As this app helps you to detect the real owner of the photo from social network, so for testing out the app you can just select a photo from your gallery and the app will detect it as a real original image.

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For example, if you give a picture of a model or actor, the app will immediately detect the photo as fake photo and also give you searches related to the photo and you’ll get to know whether a particular account was using a real photo or a fake photo.


The next app is named shout and with this app you can convert your smartphone to a microphone and you can use it with any speaker system via audio jack or bluetooth.

So just plug in your audio jack or connect it via bluetooth and you’re ready to use your smartphone as a microphone to any music system. It is a very useful application worth to be mentioned in the list.

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