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There are lots of video Games available in the market right now. I have listed down the best of the mission and strategy Games.

Lets, Check the list :

  1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series:

This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives, and we die, his truth becomes written – and ours is lost. Shepherd will be a hero, ’cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He’s about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth. But only if he lives, and we die.

– Captain Price

Yeah Call of Duty Modern Warfare series is/are my favorite games. Especially Modern Warfare 2. The whole three games are bound in a series. And each of the game is very deeply written. Many notable quotes, like one I mentioned on above. The characters are memorable. Especially Captain Price. Soap MacTavish is also a great character in this game. But price is best. Anyway, this game maybe just a FPS game to many people. But to me its more than just an FPS game. It has one of the greatest stories of all video games. I really loved it when Shepherd betrayed his men and tried to kill them. The gameplay of that mission was great. So, after all the games I played, I will say Call of Duty Modern Warfare series is my favorite game(s).

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2. Grand Theft Auto: SanAndreas:

“Come on, assholes. I’ll take you all. You’re mine! Mine! I run this town! Hey, over here! Hey! Officer down! Come on! HEY! Assholes! You never understood what I did! Fifty of me and this town would be OK. I took the trash out! I DID! And I’d do it all again… “

– Officer Frank Tenpenny

If someone had asked me what open world game I enjoyed most, I’d say its GTA SanAndreas. I played quite a lot GTA Games, except for GTA V. GTA IV was great, so is GTA Vice City. But none of them were like GTA SanAndreas. It had one of the greatest stories ever written. Not just the story, the freedom in this game. Huge map for its time. The game shows about a dark/criminal world. Every character in this game was interesting. I finished this game when I was 11. A lot years ago. As far as I remember except for Sweet, CJ’s brother all major characters were killed. Most of them by CJ. The conflict between gang members. That’s what happens in gang life.

The gameplay in this game is interesting and hard. A lot of missions. Took me almost 4–5 months to finish the whole game. I liked how the character developed through each mission. He just appeared there with a top tank, pant and shoes. But you could customize him. Build muscles or make him fat. Everything you could try over him. Its like a movie. Really one of the most memorable open world games I have ever played.

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3. Assassin’s Creed – III:

I have played all Assassin’s Creed games except for Unity and Syndicate. Not sure about Syndicate but heard Unity isn’t that great. Anyway, III was the favorite one of mine. It has everything. I liked both protagonists in this game. Haytham and Connor. Both have interesting missions. It was very progressive. Even though Ezio had a strong story but nothing beats III. It has some parts of war experience. Especially the field command gameplay. The naval battle was also great which is a huge influence towards Assassin’s Creed IV. Not only the actual story of Ancestors but also the modern day Desmond Miles gameplay was quite good. Really fascinating.

4. Life Is Strange:

Its a five episodic drama interactive game. This is my least-action favorite game. Among all of my favorite games, this is most dramatic. The whole game has alternate endings. Maybe 3 or 4 ways. I have played point and click games but nothing like this. This game has a really great story. The best thing is how you build the story. Whether let someone die or save. It has deep emotions. Really amazing game. I suggest everyone to play this game.

5. Far Cry 3 :

I love both far cry 3 and 4. But I had to choose far cry 3 here. Cause it has better story. It lets you go anywhere you wanna go. On islands, jungles, villages etc. The main problem with far cry 4 is that you can’t enjoy it as much as far cry 3. Far cry 3 has alternate stories, that what makes it great. Whether kill your friends or let them live. But Far Cry 4 has excessive of it. I mean if every every mission has alternate choosing then how will you enjoy the whole game. You have only played half of the game. While Far Cry 3 has a strong story and development of characters. So, this game is my favorite Far Cry game so far. Except for Far Cry Primal which I haven’t played. But heard it wasn’t like Far Cry 3.

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