When it comes to getting gifts, you might be thinking about cake, chocolates, etc. but have you thought of getting a tech as a gift? If not then think about it, this might be the best gift for your friend. In case if your friend is a tech geek then you can pre-order something. These tech gadgets come in many versions. Each version is different and better than the last one. 

There are many tech gadgets that you can gift such as Bluetooth headset, tablets, etc. These gadgets can help your friend in his/her learning process. Viva essays experts prepared these top 7 tech gifts that you can buy for your friend in 2020.


  • Power Bank


Let’s agree that no matter how technology is advancing these days, it consumes more battery. There is no big fun of using a smartphone if it dies in a couple of hours. 

Just imagine, you are on a road trip and your battery dies in the middle, now you are lost. At those moments, a power bank can save your life.

Good quality power banks can charge up to 3 – 4 smartphones or tablets at a time.


  • AirPods


Apple’s product quality is beyond the chart. You can’t compare the quality of Apple with other companies or brands. Apple launched a new earphone which is AirPods. AirPods have a feature of noise cancellation. 

This means that your ears will be covered that you can’t hear from surrounding property.


  • Modern Backpacks
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What can be a greater gift other than an amazing backpack for a student? These modern backpacks contain many great features. 

These features include charging port (you can charge your phone with your power bank without taking it out), high capacity, laptop as well as tablet pockets, mug pockets and many more.


  • Portable Speaker


For a college student, a portable speaker is like a best friend. The best part is that it comes with Bluetooth with amazing battery life (approximately 16 – 19 hours). 

Furthermore, these days portable speakers are waterproof so don’t worry if you accidentally drop it in water.


  • LED World Clock


You can’t complete a room without a clock and if it is a world clock then can it get better? Furthermore, these clocks also contain alarm so if your friend is afraid that he/she won’t get early then leave it to this clock.


  • SmartWatch


We have heard about smartphones then smart TV and now it is a smartwatch. Smartwatch has some amazing features that will gear up. You can add notes, create your timetable, receive social media notifications, receive as well as reply messages, and many more. 

Smartwatches can be sync up with smartphones to avail of all the smartphone functions.


  • Alarm Clock


If your friend is lazy and can’t get up at the right time then you should get this for your friend. 

There are many varieties of the alarm clock and each one of them has different features. Ensure that you get the one that will benefit the most.


  • Conclusion


These gifts are guaranteed to end up being helpful to your friend. Furthermore, all college students should have all the above gadgets. The reason is that these gadgets are made for college students to make their lives easy.

In addition, these gifts are not too expensive. They are affordable and you can easily find them.

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