Top 9 awesome Android Games to must try

best android games

Nowadays every one play games on their Android device but the number of games on the play store is increasing drastically. So, it makes us confusing which game to download and play.

Well, I did a research on few awesome games of android which are worth to play. So, check out the list –

marvel strike force - best android games

Marvel Strike Force is a free to play strategy combat game that is very similar to DC’s Legends – Battle for Justice.

Here it is your job to recruit your strike force team and form a squad of powerful Marvel superheroes and villains and as the outfit and up to the greater team. They will become even stronger which will help you with your progression.

hitman sniper - best android games

Hitman Sniper is your Agent 47 who stood at a vantage point overlooking a complex of houses and you’ve got missions to complete all of which involve picking off a specific target.

Along with that you have got other objectives to do in the game. You might need to score a certain number of points without getting detected. A score moving headshot or use one of the traps that the game allows you to set.

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All in all, it is still one of the best sniper shooting games I still like to play.

war of biomech - awesome android games`

War of Biomech is a sci-fi real-time strategy game featuring a classic 2.5 d graphics. It features the details with which you build your base command powerful heroes with special abilities and guide your mechanized army into PvP battles with intuitive touch controls.

You also get to explore a post-apocalyptic earth plagued by alien creatures as you battle to the shattered series and you have to do whatever you can to bring priests and order back to the planet.

shadow of death - best android games

Stick Man fighting Dark Knight. This is the greatest combination of role-playing game and the classic fighting game which lets you equip your shadow with countless lethal weapons and rare armour.

It sets to make an unbeatable hero and it takes everything you love about their earlier fighting games and removes the need to connect to the internet to play it.

jellynauts - best android games

Jelly Nauts plays a lot like any I/O game. In this game, you can crush your foes with a diverse weapon, set of axes, swords, paint rollers and frying pans.

You can also unlock accessories to customize your Jelly Nuts to become the fiercest or the funniest looking blob in the battle arena. You are tasked with absorbing blobs and attacking enemies with your skills and the last one standing wins.

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Mooseman - best android games

The Moose Man is an atmospheric game that offers beautifully composed folk music that backs the gameplay as it weaves a tale of forgotten pagan gods and spirits.

It’s like a walking simulator with a few puzzle elements. Just keep in mind that this is a very slow game and you’ll take a lot of time to travel. Though it is obviously more about the journey than the end result.

paco - android games

The long-awaited sequel to their popular culture simulator Paco is finally here. It goes by the name Paco – and it has improved every aspect of the first game for the better. It has improved not only are the graphics but much more detailed when compared to the original low-poly design.

The gameplay is also more satisfying, thanks to the addition of escort missions that provide a reason for all the driving around which you are going to do.

empire warriors td - android games

This is a very conventional tower defence game in which players should put diverse cautious towers along the way through which every one of your enemies will pass.

What’s more is, we can even utilize a few diverse heroes to enable us to battle enemies. Each time when you compete with an enemy, you will get coins which we can be used to purchase new towers or enhance those.

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orbia - best android games

Orbia is a very simple game. You just have to jump about different paths each time moving forward and increasing difficulty.

You’ll have to avoid obstacles in your path and carefully jump at the right time and you also get the occasional shields, that’ll protect you when you accidentally hit an obstacle.

All in all, it’s a fun game to play in your free time.

This is the list guys, which we have officially assembled. Overall these are very fun game to play. Well, if you some more awesome game in mind to share, feel free to comment down below.

Happy GamePlaying.!!

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