Top features of Android P which are worth to mention

Android P features

A new version of Android is already on the market and it’s Android P. It’s one of those incremental updates again and new letter versions aren’t the one like massive drastic changes. Anymore, they’ve been refining Android for so long and they’re kind of tweaking things at this point but that’s never stopped us and it’s worth noting that there are some actually pretty cool new things in the Android 9.0

 The leading new features of Android P

New Visuals

There are new visuals and there are just a couple smaller things, it’s just a general look and feel of a few tweaks you might not even notice them if I didn’t point them out.

First of all, the Clock is over to the left corner now, which was used to be on the right and still it changes colour. If you have a dark wallpaper, it’ll be a light clock and if you have a light wallpaper, it’ll be dark and that’s also along with all the buttons on the bottom.

The date, weather and the app drawer now has more defined dock instead of a gradient shade behind it so it’s more obvious I think that may affect the way people make their wallpaper choice but again it’s obviously pretty minor you might not notice.

The biggest change thing is these quick settings up at the top. Everything is in the circles now and it has blue-white look and you’re gonna notice this is part of a larger theme. If you pay attention you’re gonna start to notice a lot of rounded corners and smoothed off edges in Android P (Android 9).

Quick Setting

Quick settings are one of those things in Android that they always seem to tweak in every new version and they can’t really make up their mind on how they want it to look. So they’ve changed it again and as I said earlier, there are circles for everything and the new blue-white look is awesome.

It’s this Android version, vertically scrolling list is added instead of a left-to-right paginate at UI and it has a big bar at the bottom. So it’s a little bit cleaner and more obvious.

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Though, the thing I don’t like is you can’t long press to expand the toggles anymore and its just a one press toggle but that previous feature was really useful if you had a bunch of Wi-Fi networks on you. Well, if you long press and the settings in Android P here it just does what it did in older versions of Android which is just taking you back to the menu.

Volume Controls

The new volume controls are definitely my favourite change so far. So first of all, pressing the volume buttons adjusts the media volume by default, so, that’s pretty sweet.

Now, it’s out of the way instead of that display thing across the top it goes up and down instead of left to right. So, now it matches the volume button on the phone which is cool. I think you could probably be a little bit smaller. just this, whole bar UI is just for the volume.

But overall I like that this button at the bottom to switch between ringer modes to vibrate or silent or volume on and then that arrow at the top is to view your connected devices. So, if you have some Bluetooth speakers or if it’s connected to your wireless headphones or your car Bluetooth or something, they’ll all show up here. Well, I’m I’m a fan of this layout.

New app settings

New app settings are one of those things that seem to change in every new letter of Android but they’ve changed it again. When it comes to Android P, they got some colour in there, all the icons are big round colourful circles on the side. But it’s not too cartoonish, I mean every icon is in a different colour but then you get into the actual settings menus and they look the same as they were before. So, it’s pretty clean and then up top again you’ll notice the Settings search bar is super huge and rounded.

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Developer Preview

Last but certainly not least is no support in the Developer Preview.It’s a little more of an indication of our future than it is a feature.

So, if you go into settings, there is actually a couple different themes that simulate notched at the top of the phone and this is where developers can see what their apps and it would look like on a phone that actually has a notch. So they can see what the behaviour looks like and make sure everything still works and it’s laid out properly. So, there’s a small narrow notch at the top like the Essential phone might have or a medium one or even the big unibrow one like the iPhone 10 has.

Obviously, it’s weird to have a virtual notch cut out on the top of a phone that already has bezel but again this is a developer preview and this is a tool for developers to make their apps to support the phones.

Well, that’s my list of the top five features of Android P.

As I told you it was a small update but uh in case you’re curious, I am going to mention a couple of other interesting virtue of Android P worth noting that are also pretty useful.

  • So, when you have rotation lock on in Android P and you rotate the display anyway it’ll give you a little button in the corner, just in case, you want to manually rotate what you’re doing. This one-time thing is handy for you guys.

  • You can now mark up screenshots as soon as you take them and that’s built-in feature. So, I guess pretty much exactly what iOS just started doing now but it’s a welcome addition.

  • Battery saver mode can now be toggled on automatically at any battery percentage between five and seventy percent. So, for those of you who get paranoid with a half battery, this will make you a little happier.

  • There’s also a new thing called Lockdown mode which essentially will just disable your fingerprint reader and any other smart lock method until you put in your pattern or pin again seems pretty pointless. But if someone could, in theory, walk up behind you and put your fingers on the fingerprint and run away. They could get away with your info unless you have locked on mode.

  • Text selection now has a suite zoom lens which lets you more precisely select the text and also an important behind-the-scenes.

  • Background apps cannot use the microphone or camera anymore or any of the sensors for that matter in Android P. We always wanted that we can individually control but now that’s an OS-wide thing.

Android P is the new OS launched and the main changes with Android P are mostly with little visual tweaks. I think I like the changes for the most part except for those circles, they are gonna take me some time to get used to as far as the naming goes.

We don’t know what the P stands for, yet my money is on top look at the Easter Egg design of Android P. However, could it be peppermint with all those swirls in the Easter Egg. Still, I am in doubt with the name, until it is officially announced. If you have any suggestion with the name of Android P [Android 9.0], feel free to comment down below.

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