TouchBistro POS Reviews & Its Features with Pros & Cons

Restaurant managers will know that hardships that one encounter while managing their businesses. There are internal details like the income and expenditure, the stocks of ingredients actually used and wasted, the salary of the employees, conveying the orders from the waiters to the chefs and so on. There are also things that could be experienced by the customer like the menu cards, taking orders, payments, etc. There are many POS systems in the market that offer to take care of almost all this and help you run your business smoothly. TouchBistro is one of those software systems, which we shall review here or you can also check out touchbistro review at

What is TouchBistro?

TouchBistro is basically a Point of Sales device (an iPad POS system) specifically designed for restaurants, breweries, pubs, cafes, etc. It helps you to manage businesses like reservation and catering. Your waiters can carry TouchBistro around to display menu cards, take orders, accept payments, take customer feedback and so on.

Features of TouchBistro

Here are few of the features of TouchBistro that is different from other similar devices:

#1 Mobility

TouchBistro is entirely mobile. This means that there are no wires or other similar things that keep hanging around while it is being carried around. Your waiters can take it to the tables and place orders and even accept payments.

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This helps your employees to focus more on the quality of service than running here and there.

#2 Popularity and Ease of Use

TouchBistro is one of the widely used POS systems in the restaurants which also has good ratings by many people all over the world, thanks to its easier user interface and quickness. What more, there are thousands of resources available online to enable you to make the best out of the device.

#3 Cloud Reporting

TouchBristo has cloud-based reporting and subscription feature that let you access the back-office information. So, you will always be aware of what is going on in your establishment even if you can’t be physically present.

#4 Software

TouchBistro supports iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro, with fewer hardware investments when compared with other POS systems which use a third-party equipment. That is not all, you can get sales report, expense reports and other analytical information. So, you can know what items are selling the most and which employee is working to his full potential.

#5 Customer Relationships

TouchBistro helps you enhance your relationship with your customers by significantly reducing their wait times. Plus, you can also be in constant touch with your customers through SMS, email or push notification marketing, so that your sales will be at the optimal level.

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#6 Excellent Support System

TouchBistro is normally flawless. But, should you have some problem, you can always contact the customer care number who have professionals and experienced technicians who are very friendly to solve your problem 24/7/365.\

#7 Multiple Payment Options

TouchBistro lets your customer pay through various means like cash, debit card, credit card and even e-payments like PayPal.

#8 Managing the Menus

You can edit what’s on the menu every day, or as and when any new item is cooked or any item runs out so that your customer is not disappointed.

Pros and Cons of TouchBistro


  1. Accessibility
  2. Affordable plans.
  3. Training required to use it effectively.


  1. Entirely based on Apple OS. Users of Android will find it difficult.
  2. Needs an iMac or Mac Mini or other such devices to function as the server if using multiple iPads at once.
  3. Requires a server and a router.
  4. No much remote access. TouchBistro functions on the local network, not on the cloud-based systems. So, you can’t access the information other than in your business place, that too only in those devices.

If you are looking for a tool to manage your restaurant or brewery for a reasonable rate and are ready to invest in some infrastructure, TouchBristo is a good option.

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