Best 5 Undetectable Spy Apps for Android 2020

Being an open source platform, Android is known as the most popular Mobile Operating System platform. Android has total of 81% of share in the market. The Operating System has gained popularity because of its flexibility. Android users operate a variety of apps for messaging, navigations and other purposes. Nowadays, most banks have their own Android applications. Did you know you can even keep an eye on your Kids while they use their phones? There are plenty of undetectable Spy Apps available for Android Platform.

Spying Tools are very important for the users, especially if you are a parent to keep an eye on your Kids. These Spying Tools or Apps are undetectable. These spying tools allow you to monitor your Children’s activities while they use Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social networking and Chat apps. If you are searching for the same, then here we have compiled the best Undetectable Spy apps for Android. So Lets Check Most undetectable spy app for android.

Undetectable Spy Apps for Android

Best Undetectable Spy Apps for Android


Xnspy is a robust monitoring solution specifically designed for parents to effectively monitor their children’s digital activities. The app lets you access the device remotely and view all the phone activities. The app features a wide range of advanced monitoring features.

2. AppSpy

AppSpy is the most trusted spying tool available for Android platform. The tool is trusted by millions of people who are using this app to keep an eye on their Children’s social networks. With this app, you can actually spy on someone’s mobile without accessing their phone’s data.



  • The app costs nothing
  • It serves decent user interface for everyone
  • Undetectable
  • Spy on text messages, Media files and WhatsApp remotely


  • You can’t capture the Screenshot using this app.

3. mSpy

MSpy is also one of the most trusted mobile spying apps for parents. If you have kids who are using smartphones for various purposes, you can get this mSpy app installed to keep an eye on their activities. The app has plenty of built-in tools which lets you access call logs, location, mobile media files and other messages.



  • Easy to use app with decent user interface
  • Compatible with all types of messaging and social networking apps
  • Can easily access contacts, messages, locations etc.


  • Recording features are not present


The FoneMonitor is a web-based mobile spying tool available for Android smartphone users. This tool lets the parents monitor their Children’s activities on their smartphones. The app serves the most decent UI with a set of effective features for spying on messages, social networking apps and many other activities. You can keep an eye on the person without them knowing.



  • Compatible with almost all types of Android devices

5. HoverWatch

This tool is designed with a set of advanced features which makes it one of the best mobile tracker app. This professional mobile tracking app allows you to protect your family with full parental control features. The app serves easy to use interface which allows the users to monitor activities of your family members and children safely.



  • Designed with advanced features
  • Built-in tools offer a variety of services
  • Captures screenshots easily
  • Geo alerts for locations
  • Access to different types of messaging and social networking apps


  • Compatible with wide range of Android devices

6. Mobile-Spy

Mobile Spy is also a reliable undetectable Spying tool available for Android smartphone users. The app is compatible with almost all types of Android devices. The web-based tool offers a variety of built-in tools for spying on different things from one single page. The tool lets you keep an eye on your kids. The tool is exclusively available for Android platform designed with simplicity. Dashboard lets you access all the information about the phone easily.



  • Exclusive for Android platform, not available for iOS, Windows and Mac systems


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