Top 30 Useful Websites for Students in School/College

websites for students


There will be times while you’re in the school and you need a little assistance, whether you’re a student in grade school or in college. You may find yourself needing help for learning a course or studying for a big test. While in college you face more challenges like finding cheaper textbooks or finding the right professor for you.

Thankfully there are useful websites that can help you out if you’re a student. I will show you 30 websites that will help you out while you’re in school.


websites for students  is an e-learning site founded in 2007 and it has more than 10 million users. Some of the courses are provided by major universities including MIT University of Cambridge and Stanford University.

They have more than 800 free courses in several categories including IT, Science, Math, Marketing, Healthcare, Finance, and many others. If you need additional help with your coursework in school, may be able to help you out.


Websites for Students is a website that matches students with colleges scholarships and student loans. It’s also a great place to find reviews and statistics of colleges.

If you are looking for the college features, star ratings in several categories along with reviews from students, is the right site to visit.


websites for students is a collection of cheatsheets submitted by users that can help you out when studying for a test.

It’s simple to use, just enter any topic in the search bar and it will show you all the cheat sheets which are available.

The Book Pond

Websites for Students is a great place to sell the old textbooks that you no longer need.  It is also a great place to buy new books too.

You just have to enter the book details and where you study. Anyone who is interested in your book will contact you.

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Websites for Students is an online plagiarism detection service that detects whether similar text appears elsewhere on the web.

Nowadays, many schools are using anti-plagiarism software and services, so, you surely don’t want to get busted for copying somebody else’s work before. So, you can use PlagTracker to keep your assignments free from plagiarism.

Rate My Professors

Websites for Students has been around since 1999 and at the must go to the site before registering for classes. The site allows college and university students to assign ratings to professors in more than 8,000 schools.

When I was in school I used the site to do research before selecting any of my courses and I believe it saved me from those terrible professors poisoning our campuses. To increase your odds of getting the best possible professors for your courses, check out Rate My Professors.


Websites for Students is an online learning tool launched back in 2007 that many of you have used. They now have over 20 million monthly learners with more than 150 million study sets. So, it is quite sure to find the subject that you need help with.

It helps students to study with the use of flashcards, various games, and tests. They also have an iOS and Android app. So, if you need help in learning and studying may help you out.

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Wolfram Alpha

Websites for Students is a computational knowledge engine that many of you have heard about before.

The site can help you with any subject to find out. You can do the direct search or select the subject in which you want to search. is a site that every student should have bookmarked.

Tomato Timer

websites for students is the timer that utilizes the Pomodoro Technique. It is a system designed to use the timer and break down work into intervals with short breaks.

How it works – if you study or work uninterrupted for a set period of time until the timer goes off and then it allow you for a short break.  You can also customize the settings where you can change the sound, volume and set custom times.

Stack Exchange

Websites for Students is a network of question and answer websites on various topics. If you select all sites from main menu,  you can see all the websites on their network which is quite a few such as stack overflows, ask different etc..

If you need help with computer programming, you can search every Stack Exchange site just by using the search bar at the top or you can go to the home page of any of these sites listed just by selecting them. So, the next time you have a question that you need to be answered visit Stack Exchange.

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Websites for Students

Ted is a media organization which posts talks online for free. TedEd parent website is and it is an education initiative site.

It features lessons in several categories and if you really want to dive into a subject, they had serious playlists on YouTube consisting of multiple videos.

Google Scholar

Websites for Students is a web search engine that indexes scholarly and literature. These include academic journals, books, conference papers, and other sources which you will need to write.

So, if you decided to write an essay on distracted driving, just type in distracted driving into the search bar and then a ton of articles for doing research will be shown. There are various other sites which your school might have suggested sites for doing research but you just may find Google Scholar is easier to use from those sites.

Student Rate

Websites for Students specializes in providing deals and discounts for college students. You’ll find many national retailers listed on the site that can save yours a few extra bucks.

Khan Academy

Websites for Students is a non-profit education site created by Salman Khan back in 2006.

Whether you’re in grade school or college, this is a great site with lessons in several categories including math, science, engineering, arts, humanities, computing economics, finance and much more.

They also offer test preparations, so, that you can get ready for the SAT and other tests. After all these years, is still completely free.


Websites for Students founded in 2005 is an online textbook company where you can buy or rent books.

I can pass on Chegg to the new college students who shop around for the book. You’ll be able to find a better deal than your school bookstore. Chegg also offers textbook, solutions, experts QnA, and online tutoring which will cost extra.

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Search Engine Reports

websites for students is a tool with multiple features where you can check the plagiarism, grammar and much more of the assignments. It also helps the students who blogs.

It offers a lot of tools, so, if you need help with the assignment, Search Engine Reports can remove the burden of plagiarized content and helps you in gaining better grades.

If you are a blogger, it provides a lot of tools for different functionality such as Content management, Website management, Keyword Research and many more.  Search Engine Reports is completely free.

Course Hero is an online learning platform founded in 2006. It features course materials, flashcards, and educational videos. It currently has over 10 million members worldwide.

You can ask questions at any time and get help 24 hours a day from an online tutor. For those of you needing help in writing reports, you may find the literature, study guides to be beneficial.

You can either buy a subscription or upload documents to receive membership and access to website materials.

UCampus helps to connect college students to the city and school.

You can do a search here for a local university and you’ll see several options including open restaurants, local services delivery, and nightlife.

Spark Notes is another great site founded by Harvard students way back in 1999.

It offers study guides in a number of subjects including biology, computer science, math,  physics, and many others. It is completely free.

Booksprice is another site to check out before you purchase your textbooks.

You can compare the prices on books from several online retailers. You can use the ISBN code to quickly compare the price with the retailers details.


Mathway is one of many sites on the internet where you can get help with your math problems.

You can get help in several categories including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and many others. All you have to do is enter in your problem and then hit search.

Mathway offers two plans, the basic is free or for more features including step-by-step instructions is the premium plan which cost $80 per year or $20 per month.

Ureddit stands for the University of Reddit. It’s not really a university but it does offer free courses in various categories.

Just like reddit offers discussions regarding that coursework, allows contributions from both students and teachers.

StudyBlue is a studying site for both high school and college students.

They allow students to upload class study materials, create flash cards, and even create and take practice quizzes. Students can store their notes in the cloud and can also connect with other students unlike some of the other study sites.

StudyBlue is not completely free. There’s no cost plan to make and study your own materials along with some other features and the pro membership plans offer several other features including unlimited study guides. The pro membership pricing starts at $7 per month.

EDX is an online learning site founded in 2012 that offers free online courses. It was created by MIT and Harvard University.

Currently more than 70 schools and organizations contribute courses to the site and more than 1300 courses in various categories can now be found on edx.

CodeCademy is an interactive platform that offers free coding courses in more than 15 different programming languages. Those include Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and many others..

Before you start a course, it’ll show you the estimated time needed to complete that course. CodeCademy is great at teaching the absolute basics. If you’re an advanced programmer you may need to look elsewhere.

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