Myth busted : USB Drive weigh less after storing data

weight of usb drive after storing data

Did you ever figure what might happen to the weight of Usb Drives when you top it off with data? Will the weight of USB increase?

I am genuinely not being ironical, the weight of Usb Drives really reduces when you include information.

You kidding me bruh? — No

usb drive weight

Here is how it works :

  • USB Drives uses flash memory and binary digits 1’s and 0’s are stored on transistors.


  • In order to replicate  in the USB Drive, the floating gate of the transistor should be charged and in order to obtain 1 in the USB Drive, transistor should be discharged.


  •  To charge it, we add electrons, and the mass of each electron is 0.00000000000000000000000000091 grams.


  • This means that an empty USB drive (which mostly holds zeros) weighs more than a full USB drive (which has ones and zeros).

Though, storing data will reduce the weight of Usb Drives

Note: However, you would need to weigh more Usb drives than exist on the planet together at once before the difference in weight became easily measurable.


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