What are the steps to Set up AOL Email on Your Phone?

Set up AOL Email on Your Phone

AOL or America Online is a company based in the United States of America. The company is well known for their history of being an internet pioneer during the mid-90’s. The company was later rebranded as AOL and sold off to Verizon Communications. AOL has beenserving its millions of customers in the US for over a couple of decades. Their popular products include the web portal, AOL Mail, browser and a bunch of other online services. AOL Mail is a great alternative to mainstream email providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook Mail. AOL email settings can enable a bunch of unique features on your device that can be used to access its full potential. The lesser known fact is, you can easily set up email for Outlook as well.

Use the following user guide to unlock the full potential of the AOL Mail and the unique features it offers. You might have heard about AOL support for setting up email on iPhone, and it’s great! Set up AOL email on iPhone and you will be able to use the powerful AOL Mail on the mobile device without any hassle.

Instructions to set up AOL email on iPhone

Following is the instructions guide for you to set up AOL email on iPhone. This AOL email setup help is practical, and within no time your AOL Mail on iPhone will be ready to use.

  • Click on the Settings option from the Home screen.
  • Click on the Accounts & Passwords option.
  • Click on the Add Account.
  • Now, you’ll be asked to select your email provider from the list of email providers like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, iCloud and other. If your email provider is not listed, then you can add it to the list manually by following some steps.
  • Now, you’ll be required to enter the details like your email address, password and any other type of details.
  • Once you are done providing the details, click on the Next option to proceed. Now you will have to wait for a few minutes to get your email account verified. Once your account gets verified, you can choose to synchronize the details like contact numbers or calendar linked to your Mail account. Once the process of sync is complete you can view these things on your iPhone. Makes things easier to access for you.
  • After the configuration process of your email account is complete, click on the Save.
  • You are all set to use the AOL Mail account on your new iPhone.
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These instructions are quite easy to follow and take not more than a few minutes to finish the entire process. Follow them to set up your AOL Mail account on any iPhone or iPad device.

Final Words

AOL has been popular in America for providing the better alternative to the other mainstream online service providers. Millions of customers use AOL Mail and other products offered by the company. They also offer some unique security features in the package of AOL products that customers use. AOL Mail setup on any device is a quick process that takes just a few minutes. But sometimes we face unexpected issues during the process and thus unable to set it up. In the case of such problems, one can use AOL email setup help from the tech support to solve the issue quickly. A team will look into the matter and help you out immediately.

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