What does Google know about you?

Google has a huge database. Hell yes, Google has the biggest reserve of a database for user data, even more than Apple and Microsoft.

So, what does Google know about you? 

Let’s have a deeper look at this –

History (myactivity.google.com)

You can check out what Google knows about your activity on the internet. Google tracks all your data including browsing, downloading and preferred sites.

Here is your entire search history.



Ads (adssettings.google.com)

An Ads which you see on websites are very much connected with your interest in the Internet. The Advertisements which you see totally depends on your likes or present search and needs.

Here is what Google thinks your interest is and show Ads based on that.



Location (google.com/maps)

Google uses your location to show relevant information on the maps and finds direction, favourite places, restaurants and daily travel history. Additionally, it stores your most visited places, cities, states, countries even though it maintains the timelines of your daily life.

Each and every place who have visited is tracked down by Google.



Dashboard (myaccount.google.com/dashboard)

Google stores information related to the services you use, such as mobile device, IMEI, Mobile model, Operator.

This activity page will tell you all the services you are using to the Google.



Permissions (myaccount.google.com/permissions)

All the permission you have granted to third-party apps and services will be shown on Google Permission Page.

You can see what permissions you have given to the extensions and sites you use.



TakeOut (takeout.google.com)

All the data which is stored by Google can be easily exported to your device with the help of takeout page.

Export every information Google knows about you.



Well everyone knows, if we have a Google account, we give away a lot of information, our whole identity in form of words, some numbers and pictures. Materialistic ones!

In the form of Infographic, I have shown all the details that Google knows about you. Let’s check out…

What does google knows about you


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