What is iBeacon and It’s importance for retail businesses?

iBeacon is Apple’s amazing Bluetooth innovation of providing a wider range of location-based information to iPhone and iOS devices. In essence, iBeacon is an in incredible technology that allows mobile apps with iBeacon set up to send customer’s discount schemes and special offers for good and services as they walk by or remind them about their shopping list and much more.

While iBeacon provides an advantage to the real world, it also provides a range of advantages to the real world too. Since iBeacon can give information to its customers, it helps them to stay close to each other and improve customer experience and build brand loyalty. When customers have a favorable experience they’re more likely to come back to do business with you and become your regular customer. This will lead to generating sales and at the same time, it will help the retail business grow and become profitable. It’s highly affordable for the retailers to fit in the business as iBeacon can bridge that gap for you. Furthermore, it allows customers to pay for the product easily with their mobile devices by getting timely access to the information, easy navigation and productively making a purchase instantly.

Most retail businesses could be hesitant to adopt this technology until they know what they’re missing out and see the results from other brands. Most of the people are of the view that Beacon will effectively help reduce the communication gap between the online and offline stores thereby increasing sales. Now let’s look at the benefits of this technology for the retail industry.

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iBeacon is budget friendly and user-friendly

iBeacon will not be too heavy on your pocket. If you’re eager to purchase three to four iBeacon devices then they will cost you around $100. The great thing about the devices is that process of setting up the equipment is quite easy and works very well. After the instrument is set up, you would need to set up tags and actions. Your products will be successful if you use this technology.



Effective advertising tool

If you own a retail business then iBeacon is a great tool which can help you advertise your business and attract customer’s attention. It can deliver your business message to the customers out there which will improve the customer experience and most importantly be helping in increasing sales. In addition, Beacon can be used to offer location-based services resulting in a more advanced purchase made by the nearby individuals.

Increases brand loyalty

iBeacon helps you create a relationship with the customers and serve them in a manner that they would come back again to your business. In other terms, it will help establish brand loyalty within the customers. How? You’ll be sending iBeacon messages to the individuals with exciting promotional offers that they can’t resist. Customers absolutely love discounts and promotional offers and they can’t help themselves then build a connection with your business.

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It helps your customers navigate easily

Shopping malls can be too hassle for some people. To avoid standing in long queues and not finding the product can be a great disappointment. With iBeacon, you can find whatever you’re looking for easily. And even if the products are not available you will get notified and save yourself from going out. The iBeacon technology even sends the information and details about the products you love.


These benefits are worth implementing if you run a retail industry. Take advantage of these if you want to improve your customer experience and increase the profitability of your business.

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