Why you don’t need Cash in Hand for Buying a Smartphone

Many times when we want to buy a dream product, say, for example, an expensive smartphone, we go all the way to commit in terms of contribution over some time to get it. We go all out to deprive ourselves of some excesses to get what we want.

As reliable as this current plan might sound, you would agree with me that a lot of times, for one reason or the other, we end up not getting what we want. 

Sometimes it’s an emergency or lack of consistency to the commitment, or maybe you just get discouraged along the way. Whichever the case might be, you are deprived of the satisfaction you ought to get from buying the product.

The good news is you don’t have to keep going through this dance whenever you want to get a product. A simple solution is at your fingertips – EMI payment. You no longer need cash in hand to buy a smartphone. Great! Isn’t it? It sure is.

In this article, I’ll be introducing you to one of the best EMI platforms through which you can get no cost EMI mobiles without having cash in hand. This is made possible through integration with the leading online stores where these smartphones are sold.

ZestMoney EMI Platform

ZestMoney is a financial establishment whose main aim is to offer you the best EMI deals available. ZestMoney EMI packages are available on various e-commerce sites that sell products and provide services. This diversity is what makes ZestMoney stand out among other financial institutions.

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Before setting up an EMI plan that works for you, there are a few boxes you must check. This you can do by logging on to the ZestMoney EMI platform and creating a profile for yourself. You fill in your details on the form provided, upload necessary files, and determine your credit limit.

Knowing your credit limit gives you an idea of how much you should spend on the products you want to buy. Your credit limit is determined by the data you provide. It is compared against a set standard to help evaluate your earnings range and how much you can conveniently pay back monthly.

Having set up your ZestMoney EMI account, you are only left with buying the smartphone of your choice. Thanks to the numerous affiliations ZestMoney has brokered, you have diverse options to explore in searching for the best deal for your choice smartphone.

The best smartphone deals out there are available with ZestMoney partners. Those that sell smartphones include Flipkart, Amazon, Xiaomi, Paytm, QuikrBazaar, Sangeetha, Wise Apps, Hellomitr, and Croma. These stores are not only household names in terms of quality, but also cheap deals.

Why You Should use no cost EMI on Mobile?

Perks of buying a smartphone using ZestMoney EMI include no cost EMI, no down payment, no processing fee, no hidden charges, no pre-closure price, and a wide range of EMI plans to choose from.

No cost EMI mobiles is a too-good-to-be-true deal offered by ZestMoney on their various affiliated merchants. No cost EMI mobiles are phones that are sold on a zero percent (0%) interest EMI plan. This means that you get the phone for its exact price in batches distributed over months.

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Closely augmenting the no-cost EMI mobiles deal is the no down payment deal. This means you can buy the smartphone of your choosing with absolutely no cash in hand. No upfront payment is required to checkout any smartphone you are paying for using EMI.

The ZestMoney arrangement for no cost EMI mobiles is second to none. Together with being able to buy with no cash in hand, you also get charged for only what you are buying. 

This means no additional processing fees or charges. From the point of creating an account, setting up a credit limit, selecting an EMI plan, to making repayments, all the processes are free of charge.

If the three-month plan would not work for you based on your income distribution or your budget, you have the opportunity to choose other EMI plans for up to twelve months. This is what financial freedom sounds like! You are not restricted in any way from getting the smartphone you desire to use.

Buying a Smartphone Without Cash in Hand

To get a smartphone of your choice, you might have figured which brand, model, specifications, features, or series you want, or maybe not. Either way, I’ve got you covered. 

If you know what you want, you are halfway from getting your dream phone. All you need to do is log on to the ZestMoney smartphone dealers page. There you are presented with the list of merchants that deal with smartphones. You can access the no cost EMI mobiles there. 

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Otherwise, if you don’t have a particular product at heart but desire to get one on the go, you can log on to the merchant sites also and take a glance at available no cost EMI mobiles. But I implore you to go for something that agrees with both your taste and your budget.

Having selected the phone you want to buy, proceed to checkout. At checkout, scroll to the EMI section; there you choose “ZestMoney EMI” as payment method. This then takes to the plan selection page where you can select the EMI plan most convenient for you.

Once your EMI is approved, sit back, relax, and wait for the store to ship your new smartphone to you. Getting a smartphone is as easy as I have described. Cash at hand or not, it matters not with ZestMoney EMI.


That you presently have no money in hand does not mean you can’t get the smartphone of your choice. With ZestMoney, you can get your dream smartphone as one of the no cost EMI mobiles. The flexibility EMI offers makes it suitable for buying any smartphone, no matter the price.

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