Window Key shortcuts in Windows 10 to maximize your multitasking

Window Key shortcuts in Windows

Those who want to spend less time using a mouse and don’t want to move their hands from the keyboard. So, here is something that will help you grow your multitasking skills on Computer.

I have done research and got the list of  Window key shortcuts in Windows which will optimize your skills. The Windows key combinations are busted below for you guys –

Window Key Shortcuts [Windows Key Commands]

  • Window + A – Open action center
  • Window + B –  Focuses on the notification area
  • Window + C – Opens Cortana
  • Window + D – Minimize all app and jump to the desktop
  • Window +  E – Opens File Manager
  • Window + F – Opens Feedback tab and take the screenshot simultaneously
  • Window + G – Opens Game Bar
  • Window  + H – Starts dictation in the tab
  • Window  + I – Opens Windows settings
  • Window + J – Launches the Connect Quick action
  • Window + L – Lock the system
  • Window + M – Minimize all the tabs
  • Window +O –  Locks the horizontal or vertical orientation of the device
  • Window + P – Display mode option for presentation on other screens
  • Window + R – Launches the Run Dialog Box
  • Window + S – Launches the Search box
  • Window + T – Moves through each link tabs of the current page
  • Window + U – Opens the Ease of Access tab
  • Window + V – Move through the notification column
  • Window + X –  Launches the Quick link menu
  • Window + Y – Switch input between Windows Mixed Reality and the desktop
  • Window + Z – Show the command available in full-screen mode
  • Window + Left Arrow – Move your app windows to the left of the screen.
  • Window + Right Arrow – Move your app windows to the right of the screen.

Well, I will be updating with the more awesome shortcuts related to Window Key aka WinKey and If you guys can think of any more relevant shortcuts which can be mentioned in the list. Let me know, in the comment section.

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